[Setouchi Pharm (Setouchi)] Ookami yo Saraba (Little Red Riding Hood) [Digital]

New release!
Little Red Riding Hood doujinshi!
This was suggested by someone in the Suggestions page!
A short doujinshi about Little Red Riding Hood dominating and eating the Wolf instead of the opposite!
Eating in the hentai sense, no gory stuff like in the some of the fairy tale version!
Contains, obviously, bestiality/furry (there’s a wolf, duh) and femdom.

DF: [Setouchi Pharm (Setouchi)] Ookami yo Saraba (Little Red Riding Hood) [Digital][SMDC]
UL: [Setouchi Pharm (Setouchi)] Ookami yo Saraba (Little Red Riding Hood) [Digital][SMDC]

[JUNKLAND2 (Shimimaru)] PM3-12 no Reizouko

Oh boy, oh boy! It’s Shimimaru!
This is a collection of short stories (some of 1 page long) by Shimimaru!

[JUNKLAND2 (Shimimaru)] PM3-12 no Reizouko[SMDC]
[JUNKLAND2 (Shimimaru)] PM3-12 no Reizouko[SMDC]

Translating Shimimaru’s works has always been quite a pain imho. I remember I had some trouble with Junk Land and this was no different. Still a nice collection, with the usual Shimimaru weirdness and (imho) amazing art style (damn, I still love how Shimi draws breasts, and eyes too).

Anyway, this contains quite a lot of small stories (20, depending on how you count), with only a few of them being hentai (5, depending on how you count). Most are non-hentai, hence the non-H tag, though it’s a mixed bag. To compensate for the lack of hentai, there’s a handful of erotic images.
The stories varies in theme, length and tone. You can probably guess how wild this is by checking the tags.
I also learned quite a lot translating this, and you’ll understand what I mean by this when you open the zip.
For a summary of the stories…
Yeah, too many to do and summarizing a one page story is not something I want to do so go ahead, download and have fun. I think it’s worth it.

[Kimuchi-Tei (Ruri Tsubame)] Erosione [Digital]

image image

New release! Tentacle time! On furrie!
Long story short, big busted bitch is assaulted by a plant. Good enough.
You may also enjoy this if you like big boobies under tight sleeve-less sweaters. Hey, that’s a fetish too.

DF: [Kimuchi-Tei (Ruri Tsubame)] Erosione [Digital][SMDC]
UL: [Kimuchi-Tei (Ruri Tsubame)] Erosione [Digital][SMDC]

(Kemoket 4) [Hoshi Futatsu (Yoo Oona)] Owari Kara

(Kemoket 4) [Hosi Hutatu. (Yoo Oona)] Owari Kara Cover (Kemoket 4) [Hosi Hutatu. (Yoo Oona)] Owari Kara English preview by SMDC (Kemoket 4) [Hosi Hutatu. (Yoo Oona)] Owari Kara English preview 2 by SMDC-Translations

New Release! Furry time! Dragon and horse time!
Making things simple, female dragon, male horse, post-apocalyptic world, psychological issues.
The setting is interesting, obviously inspired by a certain game, the art is also awesome and the story is pretty good if compared to other h-doujinshi. And I enjoyed the female lead. In other words, this is above the average h-material IMO.

DF: (Kemoket 4) [Hosi Hutatu. (Yoo Oona)] Owari Kara[SMDC]
UL: (Kemoket 4) [Hosi Hutatu. (Yoo Oona)] Owari Kara[SMDC]

(C84) [Koromonyu (Eromame)] Cuticle Babe (Touhou Project)

(C84) [Koromonyu (Eromame)] Cuticle Babe (Touhou Project) Cover (C84) [Koromonyu (Eromame)] Cuticle Babe (Touhou Project) English preview by SMDC

New release! Touhou time! With a wolf and foxes having fun.
Yes, some bestiality here.

This doujin by Eromame is not like the previous one which wasn’t furry according to the furry-o-meter. This one is pretty furry. One reason is because it features Kagerou Imaizumi, the werewolf character.

Interestingly enough, the werewolf name is not mentioned in the story so I’m mentioning here for those who don’t know (yes, Kagerou Imaizumi).

Plot is close to null (again). Kagerou is in the Bamboo Forest, moonlight shines, gets horny and is fucked. Good enough.

Art is fantastic so that compensates for everything else.

Update: Seems like page 6 was corrupted in the rar.
I’ve reupload the whole .rar, but for those who already downloaded the file, here’s the missing page: Right click and save.
Thank you, AAS, for pointing out.




Random babbling:
Almost 3 days with no internet. Lots of time to live my life.
Decided to stop using uploaded.
Replied to a comment asking about a Greone Release.
My twitter is alive.

(Kemoket 1) [Greone (nme)] Luv Border

(Kemoket 1) [Greone (nme)] Luv Border Cover(Kemoket 1) [Greone (nme)] Luv Border English preview by SMDC

New release. Furry time!
Yes, this one is a real furry one. Or maybe I should say that this one is dangerously cheesy!!

Anyway, decided to revisit the author of my third and fourth translation jobs.
Yup, it’s Greone.

And just like the other two stories, this one is a human guy x female furry story. A sweet, sweet story, actually. I’d say it’s worth your time even if you’re not into furries, but that’s just me with my opinion.
All I can say is that the development of this one is far from what I’d expect from a h-doujinshi. Which is nice. Seeing a different pattern every once in a while is not a bad thing. And what’s different? Well, the guy is not a sex maniac and the girl is not a sex addicted. How can something like that even exist in the hentai world? I don’t know.

For now, download this and have some fun reading. It may warm you up if you’re somewhere in the north hemisphere where it’s the cold season now. (if you’re in the south, well, it may cool you down a little too, who knows?)



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[Kemono no Koshikake] Sweet night [Pokemon]

[Kemono no Koshikake] Sweet night [Pokemon] cover [Kemono no Koshikake] Sweet night [Pokemon] English preview by SMDC

New release! It’s a Pokemon release!
And unlike all the previous Pokemon releases (besides this one, though this one is different in every aspect) this one is a Pokemon doujinshi that features only pokemons!

This one is extremely cute. Really. It’s so damn cute! I mean, really! Look at that preview! It’s way too cute! It can’t be a fucking hentai! No! But it is. Well, happens. But that’s not important. The hentai part is really lame, can be disregarded.

And after reading this, you likely won’t be able to fight against a Nymphia (or Sylveon) in a Pokemon game anymore. Unless you’re just some heartless moving body. Yes, I’m trying to put some guilty inside your mind, you shameless monster.

Ok, jokings aside, this is a Pokemon doujinshi featuring Nymphia (Sylveon) and Sazandora (Hydreigon). As expected, it’s a furry doujinshi, but it’s a 100% vanilla story, that’s why I’m cross posting this between “General” and “Alternative”. The story you can infer from the image preview.

Like I usually do, I’m providing two versions, one using their original Japanese names (Nymphia and Sazandora) and one using their English equivalent (Sylveon and Hydreigon). If a resized version is needed, just ask in the comments.


Japanese names:

English names: