(C84) [Naitou2 (F4U)] the Pink Tokusatsu Heroine Tsukamaeta!!! Part A

New release! A parody of the tokusatsu genre in general.
Bad end for the heroine, as expected from a hentai. Gang raped, drugged and mind broken. Technically by monsters. In practice, I don’t know.
Well, anyway, enjoy the fap. Has some minor ryona.

UL: (C84) [Naitou2 (F4U)] the Pink Tokusatsu Heroine Tsukamaeta!!! partA [SMDC]
DF: (C84) [Naitou2 (F4U)] the Pink Tokusatsu Heroine Tsukamaeta!!! partA [SMDC]

[ANGEL Club 2015-03][HeroHeroTom] Danran

P001_thumb P353_thumb P367_thumb

New release! BBW time!
This release was commissioned by LegendaryT and it’s a heartwarming story about a family with strong ties, where members care about one another and are always there during hard times!
A really nice story.
There’s also this BBW in the middle of the family that acts all nasty and ends up being raped, tortured and made into a cum dumpster by the rest of the family but still! It’s a tale of a family reinforcing their bonds!

DF: [ANGEL Club 2015-03][HeroHeroTom]Danran [SMDC]
JC: [ANGEL Club 2015-03][HeroHeroTom]Danran [SMDC]

Updated links. Don’t know if the files were corrupted since nobody said a thing, but the copy I had was so I decided to update the links.

[Neko no Oppai (Jagausa)] Toki wo kakeru Niku-Benki [Digital]

image image

New release! Big titted loli time traveler time!
This was commissioned by an anonymous commissioner and it’s a doujinshi featuring a big titted cum dumpster who, for whatever reason, gets the chance to travel back in time to try to change her life.
The overall setting is quite messed up with impregnation, public humiliation and rape.
If you’re into this kind of scenario, you’ll certainly enjoy this one.

DF: [Neko no Oppai (Jagausa)] Toki wo kakeru Niku-Benki [Digital][SMDC]
JC: [Neko no Oppai (Jagausa)] Toki wo kakeru Niku-Benki [Digital][SMDC]

[Game]Lina and the wish crystal [RJ136604]

image image

New release! Another game! Decided to release this once and for all.
About the game itself:
This is another RPGMaker game but this time it actually is a RPG. With some actual plot. And some actual RPG stuff. And some longer game play.
The story follows Lina, an enchanter on her quest to find the Crystal of Wishes to have her one wish granted. To find the crystal she’ll have to dive deep into the infested dungeons surrounded by mysteries. With the help of her new friends, Lina sets out on a journey that will change her and her friends lives forever.

The plot is pretty interesting, I do think myself. Don’t expect an intricate story of love, death, meaning of life and hot pockets but it’s a lot more than I’d expect from something related to porn.
The content is heavily focused on rape. Some really heavy rape. And it’s weird for me to say this, but there were some really depressing rape scenes in these. And you’re hearing from someone who have translated A LOT of bad shit already.
There are some monster rapes too, because this is set in a fantasy world, with monsters so expect some of those too.

About the release:
I’ve been working on this for quite a while, actually. Since last year, if I remember correctly. The game is quite long and the translation process of RPGMaker games is not the most friendly, but I decided to tackle this anyway because whatever. But the game is long. And I’ve translated this throughout many months. With some hiatus in between. And the game is long. And I don’t have the patience to do a playthrough through all of the game at once.

All this to say that this is NOT FULLY CHECKED for untranslated texts nor consistency. I do wish I did play through the whole game to check, but I didn’t and I’m sure I won’t so that’s why I decided to release this just how it is now and maybe release another version with corrections if there are too many and/or some atrocious uncomfortable mistake or some mistake that makes the game harder to play for those who don’t read moonrunes.

Not that this had no checks at all. It just didn’t have the check I believe to be necessary. So feel free to point out the mistakes and untranslated texts you find. A screenshot of the place with the issue helps too.

Anyway, download links below. I’m also providing the CG set only in case you don’t want to play through this RPG and just enjoy the images, which are pretty good (some samples below)!

DF: Lina and the Crystal of Wishes [ver102][SMDC]
JC: Lina and the Crystal of Wishes [ver102][SMDC]
UL: Lina and the Crystal of Wishes [ver102][SMDC]

CG Set:
DF: Lina and the Crystal of Wishes [CGSet]
JC: Lina and the Crystal of Wishes [CGSet]
UL: Lina and the Crystal of Wishes [CGSet]

I’ve unpacked the rar file and had no problems so I’m hoping there’ll be no issues here. But then, as the saying goes, life is like a chocolate dildo filled with cream. You never know how big of a mess you’ll make when you decide to use it.

[DL Mate] Onna ga Hirefusu Inrou wo Te ni Ireta

[DL Mate] Onna ga Hirefusu Inrou wo Te ni Ireta Cover [DL Mate] Onna ga Hirefusu Inrou wo Te ni Ireta English Preview by SMDC [DL Mate] Onna ga Hirefusu Inrou wo Te ni Ireta English Preview 2 by SMDC

DF: [DL Mate] Onna ga Hirefusu Inrou wo Te ni Ireta [SMDC]
JC: [DL Mate] Onna ga Hirefusu Inrou wo Te ni Ireta [SMDC]

New release! Some mind control/hypnosis by DL Mate!
This has quite a lot of of action packed in. We have, obviously, mind control, male and female forced masturbation, gang rape, yuri, anal, double paizuri, magically tanned girl, big tits, small tits, guy with unrealistic boner under pants. Something for everybody!
Plot summary is something like: guys is bullied by wiminz of his class, magic dude gives him magic thing to control wiminz, guy gets his revenge by turning all of his female classmates into his sex slaves.
And since there are only 8 girls in his class, I don’t know if this counts as a harem. I mean, that other guy had a whole soccer team to fuck, you know? I’m not an expert, but I’m pretty sure a soccer team is made of more than 8 people. Unless women soccer is different.

As some may know, DL Mate release a textless version, but I didn’t include it here to make the file smaller so you can all download faster and be happy.

On a side note: I’ve ditched FeedBurner to provide my RSS feed so if you’re subscribed to my RSS feed, update the URL. You can also follow me on twitter for notifications on new releases. That only tweets when a new post is made here.

[Takase Muh] Tennyuu-sensei -Danshikou no Kiraware Kyoushi ga Jotai Keshitara

image image image image

New release! Some fetishes included in this pack!

First we have a guy-girl transformation. Then we have some gang-rape. Mix in some bondage, some swimsuit, some ugly old man and guess we’re done. Godd enough? Well, but you can add a partial mind-break in there without much concerns.

And that’s we got for today. Oh, and the art is quite nice too, so that’s a plus.

This was commissioned by an anonymous user and in the pack there are the first two volumes. All images are in png which means there’s no imagevenue gallery for this one, I’m sorry for that.

IF a resize is required, just request and I’ll provide it.

Now, have fun!



(Futaket 8.5) [F.A (Honoutsukai)] 新体操 男の娘調教倶楽部

image image

New release. Trap release. Blackmail, gang rape and leotards.

If you’re still reading, it means you like this stuff.

Plot is simple, guy from the gymnastic club is caught crossdressing and is fucked. The fuck is preceded by blackmailing, of course.

This one is another by F.A Title translates to something like “Gymnastic crossdresser training club” and is romanized as “Shintaisou Otoko no ko Choukyou Kurabu”.




(COMIC1☆6) [乙女気分 (三色網戸。)] 性春日記 4 (オリジナル)

seishun nikki 4 cover seishun nikki 4 sample

Wow! I finally did this! Don’t even know if someone remembers I did volume 3 and volume 5 of this series back in the days. Don’t know if someone’s been waiting for volume 4, but regardless, it’s here!
Yes, Seishuun Nikki volume 4! With the usual big breasted girl, now gang-banged inside a train! Nice and all, but short.
The story is actually just 8 pages long and it’s calling it “story” is being too nice. Just some fucking and some free fan service here and there. Nothing to talk about, just to fap.

It took me a while to finish this mainly because of the editing. I left this project sitting for months, actually, since I started editing this back in March or even February, I don’t know. But back when I started, my editing skills were really lacking to be able to edit this doujinshi in a reasonable amount of time and with a reasonable quality so I kept postponing or editing one panel whenever I felt like or something. Until I decided to pick it up and just do the whole thing. And here’s it. Now I just need to put my mind into finishing that damn Daily RO series….



(C77) [Breakin' Bakery (Sakaki Utamaru, Ranmaru)] Bure Tetsu

Ok, what’s done is done and life doesn’t stops. The future is still unclear so let’s just walk along the path.
New release of the day. Bure Tetsu, a Tekken doujinshi with two stories, both featuring Lili Rochefort. The first one features her being gang-raped and the second one features her with a dick fucking Asuka Kazama.
Good stuff, though the raw quality wasn’t the best one. Had some trouble leveling it and I think some pages are not as neat as I’d like but I guess they’re still readable. File size may be a little big for some but I opted not to downsize. If needed, just shout in the comments and I’ll update the post with a downsized version.
And I believe this one was suggested somewhere, don’t know if here or in the old blog….or maybe I’m just imagining things, I don’t know.
Anyway, I’ve got a few translations already done, just needing to be checked so it’s likely that the release rate will increase shortly.