[kyouryuu no Tamago (gorogoro)] Instinct [Digital]

New release!
Another gorogoro release.
Like the previous ones, flat chested cat girl is monster raped and mind broken. Nothing too deep, but may trigger certain kind of people.

DF: [kyouryuu no Tamago (gorogoro)] Instinct [Digital][SMDC]
UL: [kyouryuu no Tamago (gorogoro)] Instinct [Digital][SMDC]

[Kyouryuu no Tamago (gorogoro)] Daniku no Nukarumi

Another messed up release from gorogoro. Already translated one of their works a long time ago.
Same idea. Catgirl raped, mind broken and impregnated. Not a happy ending. Doesn’t mean you can’t fap, though.

DF: [Kyouryuu no Tamago (gorogoro)] Daniku no Nukarumi[SMDC]
UL: [Kyouryuu no Tamago (gorogoro)] Daniku no Nukarumi[SMDC]