[Hachiyou] Radiant Mythology 2 (Tales of Series)

[Hachiyou] Radiant Mythology 2 (Tales of Series) Cover image

Life is shit. And here’s a CG set release to represent that.
Ok, the CG set is not shit, but it contains shit. And life is not the same kind of shit, but hey, the word fits.

This release is a set featuring a half dozen or so girls from the Tales of series. And they’re depicted shitting, pissing and having sex, just like any other normal girl. Yes, girls do shit and piss (and they also fart), but I guess everybody who visits SMDC knows about it.

There’s no story, it’s just a sequence of the girls being fucked and answering nature’s call (not necessarily in that order). If you do enjoy Tales of series and do enjoy scat, you’ll likely enjoy this one.

Options are one pack with only the texted(?) images and another pack with both text and textless images. For whatever reason, there are more textless images than texted images.


Text set

Text+Textless set

Other notes about this release:
Since I’m not having much time lately, I released this one without translating moans and such. Everything that is not translated is either moans, screams of pleasure or screams of “I’m cumming”.
Also, no imagevenue gallery for this because they don’t support .png files and I’m not going to convert to jpg.