(COMIC1☆9) [Hasuneya (Hasune)] Goshujin-sama ni Oshioki Sarechaimashita

New release! Generic hentai time!
Generic “plot” with generic art, generic character design, generic sex scenes and generic dialogues. In other generic words, just another generic drop in the vast sea of genericallity, and I hope to generate in you a generic reaction with this generic release.

In this we have a generic clumsy maid (either a generic big titted girl wearing a generic bunny ears or a generic humanized bunny, I don’t know) receives a generic punish for her generic clumsyness, making her show how much of a generic sex addict she generically is.
I’d say it’s good enough for a generic fap or schlick. More a generic fap than a generic schlick but who am I to make such generic judgement?

But the scans are big. So I decided to offer two versions again. Same deal as Soushisouai Ane Ecchi 4, lowest possible compression and some compression when saving as .jpg. No dimensional changes.

HQ (~33.5mb):
DF: (COMIC1-9) [Hasuneya (Hasune)] Goshujin-sama ni Oshioki Sarechaimashita[SMDC]
UL: (COMIC1-9) [Hasuneya (Hasune)] Goshujin-sama ni Oshioki Sarechaimashita[SMDC]

LQ (~10mb):
DF: (COMIC1-9) [Hasuneya (Hasune)] Goshujin-sama ni Oshioki Sarechaimashita[SMDC][LQ]
JC: (COMIC1-9) [Hasuneya (Hasune)] Goshujin-sama ni Oshioki Sarechaimashita[SMDC][LQ]