(C75) [Udonko Bitch (Bitch Goigostar)] Kaettekita! Oshiri Kajiri Yarou -Tokusou Han-

Bitch Goigostar Cover Bitch Goigostar English preview

Bitch Goigostar! Strange creatures! Freaking fetish!

This is a nice release. A few fetishes, an interesting art and such a compelling story! Oh my! And you know what’s the best part? There’s a summary of the story in the story! I don’t even need to write it down! Take a look at the summary:

Bitch Goigostar English Summary

So yeah, that’s pretty much the story (protip: there’s no story in hentai).
And what you’ll find in it? Tentacle rape, anal rape, torture, scat, piss, impaling fucking and some gang rape. “Impaling fucking” is the name I just decided to call when something goes into the ass and gets out through the mouth.
The scat and piss is just pooping and pissing on the floor, no feces eating or piss drinking involved.