[Non-H][Isamura] Higeki no Heroine no Nichijou

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New release! Hentai? Not really. Only the cover.
This is a bullying story. Nothing sexual involved, just simple, straight violence. 3, I guess neutral evil, girls ganging up against one girl.

Is this fappable?
Yes, of course. Everything is fappable.
Should I fap to this?
Nothing is preventing you.
Is it morally right to fap to this?
If you have to ask, you’re not suited to fap to this.

DF: [Isamura] Higeki no Heroine no Nichijou [SMDC]
JC: [Isamura] Higeki no Heroine no Nichijou [SMDC]

And you can help the author by buying this on DLSite. It costs 648 yen (currently about $5.39 / €4.73).
This series have, currently, 7 volumes available for purchase.