[Jinsukeya (Jinsuke)] Kaasan wa Boku no Mesuinu da

Kaasan wa Boku no Mesuinu da coverKaasan wa Boku no Mesuinu da sample

Ok, general or alternative? Decided to go with general. The main focus of this release is hypnosis but, really, nothing that I’d really call strange or frown upon so let’s stick the general tag to it.
And what’s this about? A milf-incest release featuring a boy and his mother. The boy can control his mom using hypnosis and he uses this possibility to fuck her and make her his own bitch (which here is used meaning female dog, not the pejorative meaning). There’s some outdoor play including some pissing, but given the setting and the extension, I decided not to even put a tag for that.
Not much to talk about it.
Decided to do this after seeing how people were complaining about the available release. Checked it and saw that some parts were translated pretty poorly, with a complete different meaning or even the complete opposite, but nothing that I deemed a real problem to comprehending the storyline as a whole.
Anyway, have fun.