[JORDI] Roshutsu hime no hitsuzenteki kyuuchi + Yoiyama

“Double” release.

Two JORDI chapters.

Roshutsu hime no hitsuzenteki kyuuchi (Exposure Princess’ inevitable predicament)

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Yoiyama (Name given for small festivals before big festivals)

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I’ve translated the previous works from JORDI so why not keep doing it?

Both are related to previous works. The first one is the third part of the “Bondage Outdoor Exposure” series and the other is a preface for the “Embarrassment of the licentious Princess” work.

Both, obviously, contains bondage and huge tits.

For the first one, add the self-bondage and vibrators+dildo combo.

Since they’re pretty small, I’m throwing both in just one pack. Have fun.

DL: [JORDI] Exposure + Festival [SMDC].rar

PS: Still regarding the game, I’ve updated the link but it seems it’s still with problems. I’m uploading a new archive to see if the problem is finally solved but meanwhile I’ve provided the link for the corrupted file in case you can extract everything else.

[JORDI] Bondage outdoor exposure (Made up title)

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Today’s release was suggested (twice) by someone in the suggestion page and it’s the latest JORDI work. This, like the other works, is another bondage exhibitionism work and the follow up of another work.

It’s the same deal. Girl, outdoors, naked, bound, vibrators, needs to get somewhere, wild dreams filled with humiliation on the way. It’s exactly the same deal. But it’s good enough to jerk off or squirt off(?), whichever team you are in.

I’m actually packing both parts together. I did some changes in the previous chapter. I added a credit page, changed one wording or another and corrected some bad edits. Since it’s not big, they’re both part of the same story and the previous one was released a long time ago (really, it was one of my first releases), chances are there are people who didn’t read it so I’m shipping all together.



Gallery Chapter 1
Gallery Chapter 2

Random babble related: Yes, the title is made up. This chapter has no official title (ok, the official title is 無題, which means “untitled” so, yeah) so I’m using the title from the previous chapter. Also, no Imagevenue pictures because they don’t like png and I’m not in the mood to convert to jpg. Oh, and there’s my twitter with an awesome avatar that shoots a tweet whenever I post a new post here.