[Non-H](C78) [Hakkekkyuu Sekkekkyuu (Zekkyou)] Ato 3-centi (K-ON!)

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100% (~125mb)
DF: (C78) [Hakkekkyuu Sekkekkyuu (Zekkyou)] Ato 3-centi (K-ON!)[SMDC]
UL: (C78) [Hakkekkyuu Sekkekkyuu (Zekkyou)] Ato 3-centi (K-ON!)[SMDC]

50% (~37mb)
DF: (C78) [Hakkekkyuu Sekkekkyuu (Zekkyou)] Ato 3-centi (K-ON!)[SMDC][50]
JC: (C78) [Hakkekkyuu Sekkekkyuu (Zekkyou)] Ato 3-centi (K-ON!)[SMDC][50]

25% (~10mb)
DF: (C78) [Hakkekkyuu Sekkekkyuu (Zekkyou)] Ato 3-centi (K-ON!)[SMDC][25]
UL: (C78) [Hakkekkyuu Sekkekkyuu (Zekkyou)] Ato 3-centi (K-ON!)[SMDC][25]

New release! Non-H Friday release! But let’s keep the yuri vein for a little longer.

Ok, this is a K-On non-H yuri doujinshi feauring AzuxYui pairing. It’s short, it’s sweet, the art is great and cute, it’s not a digital release and the scans are so damn huge. I mean, really huge. Unnecessarily huge. So huge that I don’t even know what to do with them. So I’m giving 3 different sizes. The original scanned size (4240×6040), 50% less in both dimensions (2120×3020) and 25% less in both dimensions (1060×1510).

Choose whichever you like and have fun.

[freelife (Hamao)] Day dream Believer. (K-ON!) [Digital]

[freelife (Hamao)] Day dream Believer. (K-ON!) [Digital] Cover [freelife (Hamao)] Day dream Believer. (K-ON!) [Digital] English preview by SMDC

New yuri release! K-On time!
This is a nice Azu×Yui with a bit of 4×1 too, but the focus is on Azu×Yui. A first here, since all of the previous K-On works I’ve translated were about Mio×Ritsu.
This is set during the band`s last year, meaning Yui&Co. are third years. It is quite a melancholic story and if the sex scenes were to be replaced with something less explicit, it could easily fit the actual series. And pages 19 and 20 really reminded me of the ending of Aria. Guess that’s why I decided to work on this.
Anyway, can’t really say it’s a plot. It’s more like an episode expressing Azusa’s inner feelings towards her seniors, whom she won’t be able to catch up in terms of school time regardless of how much she tries because of their age gap. Yes, the fact that all her seniors are going to graduate before her and all at the same time and the wish that tomorrow never comes. Oh, time, always merciless.

Well, enjoy another pure yuri doujinshi. If not for the fap, for the feels.

DF: [freelife (Hamao)] Day dream Believer. (K-ON!) [Digital][SMDC]
JC: [freelife (Hamao)] Day dream Believer. (K-ON!) [Digital]

Note: There’s one frame with piss content. If you can’t handle that, either skip this release or skip page 8.

[Isorashi Dou (Isorashi)] Mio Kan! (K-ON!)

[Isorashi Dou (Isorashi)] Mio Kan! (K-ON!) cover [Isorashi Dou (Isorashi)] Mio Kan! (K-ON!) English Preview by SMDC

New release. New yuri doujinshi. This was commissioned by someone who requested to remain anonymous and now I’m releasing it here after one month it’s done.

It’s a K-On doujinshi featuring the maybe overused Mio-Ritsu couple with Ritsu taking the lead. The story is just like any episode of K-On, nothing happens. But it’s a good still a good fap material. To summarize, Mio and Ritsu find a dildo in the club room and Mio is fucked. Fin.

Well, you can check for yourselves.




(C76) [Zi (Mutsuki Ginji)] Onnanoko Doushi toka Suki dakara! 1 (K-ON!)

Ok, another release ready to be released. This one is by Mutsuki Ginji and it’s a K-On yuri doujinshi with the well known Mio×Ritsu coupling.
I do enjoy this pairing, most likely because of Ritsu, but her partner must be Mio, or else the chemistry won’t happen. The boyish side of Ritsu mix well with the girly side of Mio and in the end they turn out like a normal heterosexual couple.
‘nyways, enough with the digression.
About the story.
Ritsu is sick at home, Mio pays her a visit, yada yada, they fuck. Fin.

I mean, really, were you expecting something really different?

This is just plain cute yuri so if you’re tired of alternative yuri, this is a nice choice.