(C84) [Hajimari to Owari (Korikku)] Religious Fanatic (Hyperdimension Neptunia)

(C84) [Hajimari to Owari (Korikku)] Religious Fanatic (Hyperdimension Neptunia) Cover (C84) [Hajimari to Owari (Korikku)] Religious Fanatic (Hyperdimension Neptunia) English preview by SMDC

Ok! New release! Another Neptunia release! Another doujinshi by Korikku! Another tentacle monster raping!

I have no clue why Korikku names this doujinshi “Religious Fanatic” but whatever. No, wait, I guess it makes sense. Well, you read and tell me what you think.

Anyway, the story is fantastic. Neptune is alone finishing some request and is raped. Fin! Amazing, isn’t it?




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And let’s see if this release will confirm my hypothesis.

(C83) [Hajimari to Owari (Korikku)] Rakkun wa dare no mono (Nisekoi)

 Rakkun wa dare no mono (Nisekoi) cover  Rakkun wa dare no mono (Nisekoi) sample

Ok, had some troubles yesterday which prevented me from giving this corner the proper attention. So today I’ll release this and some v2 that I’ve been saving up for when I had enough or a new release, but will talk about that in the respective post.

Right, Nisekoi! An anime of this is coming, right? Or is already airing, don’t know.
Anyway, it’s a doujinshi about that series. And there’s rape. And there’s some handcuff. And there’s some yuri. But only the rape is the main attraction here so, yeah, let’s call this a rape doujinshi. And it’s pretty obvious that “rape” in the hentai logic, always leads to mind breaking so…yes, we have some mind breaking here.

Straightforward stuff, like pretty much any doujinshi.
Girl captures another girl because another girl loves the same guy that the girl loves. Girl who captures the girl has a butler that helps her raping the girl so to break that girl’s mind in order to make her give up on the guy that the girl loves. At the end, the scene is made in a way to allow a second volume where the girl goes after another girl that loves the same guy all the girls loves and rape that girl too but that will be left out because the doujinshi ends only with the girl indicating that she want to go after the other girl now.

Got it? Great! In this nothing more is needed!
Was it too hard and you got lost in the “girl” part?
Want me to draw it for you? Ok, I’ll do that, only because you asked. Here, you can download the explanatory drawing in one of the links below: