[KOTI] PARANOIA (Touhou Project)

PARANOIA (Touhou Project) cover PARANOIA (Touhou Project) English preview SMDC

Yes, it’s Touhou overdose! And this one is also a pretty cute one! But it’s not a non-H, it’s a H release (after all, non-H is not that popular).

In this one we have another interesting coupling between Remilia and Flandre. Two child-like ancient demon sisters making it out? Yes, that’s right. The question that remains is whether this should be tagged with loli or not. I mean, hey! They’re both much, much older than any person visiting this site!
What really matters? Looks or facts? I guess it’s the looks. So I’ll add that tag and it’s all fine.



Note: I know non-H is not that popular but anyway, I updated the previous post with a link to a text I wrote discussing that release. If you enjoyed that release or just want to see how one could start a discussion over a humanxdoll relationship story, it may be an interesting read.