(Mimiket 30) [Kurimomo (Tsukako)] Horoyoi Rabbit (Nagi no Asukara)

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New release! Bunny ear time!
This doujinshi was also mentioned in the suggestion page and I decided to pick it up. Raws weren’t optimal, had to cut and rotate some pages to keep everything more consistent, which I don’t like to do but that’s what we have.
No idea what the original anime/manga is about, never watched/read, but the art is nice so all is fine.
Just some vanilla sex with the girl wearing bunny ears for whatever reason (just to participate in the Mimiket).
Anyway, enjoy the fap.

DF: (Mimiket 30) [Kurimomo (Tsukako)] Horoyoi Rabbit (Nagi no Asukara) [SMDC]
UL: (Mimiket 30) [Kurimomo (Tsukako)] Horoyoi Rabbit (Nagi no Asukara) [SMDC]

(C84) [Kurimomo (Tsukako)] Gakuen summer (Tales of Graces)

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New release.
Actually, had this one done for quite a while but ended up not releasing before for various reasons (including forgetting to schedule the post). Anyway, this was suggested by someone in the suggestion page and since it was a simple one I decided to give it a go. And I also did translate some other works by this artist.
Tales of Graces doujinshi with a high school setting. Totally vanilla, nothing really out of this world. Ok, they’re doing outdoors, but no exhibitionism or anything, just your usual “sex at the school’s roof” stuff. Everybody does that.