[Shanghai Mitsuhou (Masuyama Kei)] PANIC! (Kodomo no Omocha)

New release!
An old Kodocha doujinshi featuring Sana and the boys.
Some rape action but not that much. It’s still a comedy doujinshi I guess.
And this obviously contains loli because Sana is the main character.

Commissioned by NekoAnime15.

DF: [Shanghai Mitsuhou (Masuyama Kei)] PANIC! (Kodomo no Omocha)[SMDC]
UL: [Shanghai Mitsuhou (Masuyama Kei)] PANIC! (Kodomo no Omocha)[SMDC]

Note: Contains one yaoi/shota image

[Yo wa Okazu wo Shomou Shiteoru] 2011nen Ishukan no Tabi -Ootokage hen- [Digital][SMDC]

New release!
Loli elf monster fuck!
Commissioned by anonymous.

DF: [Yo wa Okazu wo Shomou Shiteoru] 2011nen Ishukan no Tabi -Ootokage hen- [Digital][SMDC].zip
UL: [Yo wa Okazu wo Shomou Shiteoru] 2011nen Ishukan no Tabi -Ootokage hen- [Digital][SMDC].zip

PS: Yes, there’s a prequel to this.

[Akushizu] Elf Kishidan Sokuochi Harem

elf_kishidan_01_thumb elf_kishidan_02_thumb elf_kishidan_03_thumb

New release! CG Set time!
This set shows us how to easily conquer an elf kingdom. You only require a bit of luck and a penis (not sure if women with penises count, but if you’re a woman without a penis, this method won’t work for you, I’m sorry).
List of fetishes include mind break, mind control, harem, nose hook and a lot more. There’s also a flat chested elf that’s 1000+years old. Technically, not a loli. Apparently, a loli. In reality, just a fictional character.
Enjoy this release commissioned by anonymous.

DF: [Akushizu] Elf Kishidan Sokuochi Harem [SMDC]
UL: [Akushizu] Elf Kishidan Sokuochi Harem [SMDC]

[Neko no Oppai (Jagausa)] Toki wo kakeru Niku-Benki [Digital]

image image

New release! Big titted loli time traveler time!
This was commissioned by an anonymous commissioner and it’s a doujinshi featuring a big titted cum dumpster who, for whatever reason, gets the chance to travel back in time to try to change her life.
The overall setting is quite messed up with impregnation, public humiliation and rape.
If you’re into this kind of scenario, you’ll certainly enjoy this one.

DF: [Neko no Oppai (Jagausa)] Toki wo kakeru Niku-Benki [Digital][SMDC]
JC: [Neko no Oppai (Jagausa)] Toki wo kakeru Niku-Benki [Digital][SMDC]

(COMIC1☆9) [Cocoa Holic (Yuizaki Kazuya)] Kupaa Holic! 2 Kaime (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)

image image

New release! Loli yuri time!
This is a short Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha doujinshi featuring two loli characters, Vivio and I’m Hard. Could be I’m Wet and I’m Hard, but it wouldn’t be yuri. But girls can get hard. But it’s not that common for a girl to say she’s hard. But it doesn’t need to be common. But if it’s not common, it’d just confuse readers.

But anyway, this is just about young girls discovering the joys of sex, nothing really deep, just two cute girls having fun together (cute as in “I want to take home to cuddle forever” type of cute).

The files are huge pngs so I decided to offer one version with all pages in png and one version with only the “story” pages and in jpg format with quality 70 (marked with [I] for Incomplete).
The [I] version has less pages as I left out the standalone illustration pages that I didn’t bother translating because I’m lazy. If you can’t read Japanese, you won’t be missing any valuable information by downloading the [I] version. If you can, I don’t know what you’re doing here.

Complete version (~67mb)
DF: (COMIC1Ѓ™9) [Cocoa Holic (Yuizaki Kazuya)] Kupaa Holic! 2 Kaime (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)[SMDC]/a>
UL: (COMIC1™9) [Cocoa Holic (Yuizaki Kazuya)] Kupaa Holic! 2 Kaime (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)[SMDC]

[I] version (~18mb)
DF: (COMIC1Ѓ™9) [Cocoa Holic (Yuizaki Kazuya)] Kupaa Holic! 2 Kaime (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)[SMDC][I]/a>
UL: (COMIC1™9) [Cocoa Holic (Yuizaki Kazuya)] Kupaa Holic! 2 Kaime (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)[SMDC][I]

[Game] Tereritoria (テレリトリア) [RJ156750]


New release! Another RPG Maker game!
This is a short but interesting game that’s actually more of a stealth+management game than an actual RPG game. It has a really simplified system, no leveling character, no story, just plug and play and the twist they added made it more interesting.
In this game you control Lea, a twin tailed, loli-bodied magic knight in a dungeon filled with monsters. Obviously, losing a battle leads to Lea being raped by the monster so content-wise, this is alternative material (some tentacle, impregnation, the usual things).

The game is short, but unlocking the bonus may take you some planning and trials so it’s a nice system they created.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this on the English version of DLSite, only in the Japanese one, but if you can, do support the group. It’s extremely cheap (108 yen, less than US$1) so buy the game if you enjoy it.
Japanese DLSite link

This game requires the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP. You can easily find it on the RPG Maker official site, but I’m also providing a pack with the game and the RTP. Or you can just download the game here and download the RTP elsewhere, it’s up to you. The RTP is about 185mb and the game, about 18mb. If you already downloaded/installed the RTP for any of the previous RPG Maker games, you shouldn’t need to download/install the RTP again. (though you can download here again if you want to give me a hand)

Game only:
DF: [RJ156750] Tereritoria[SMDC]
UL: [RJ156750] Tereritoria[SMDC]

DF: [RJ156750] Tereritoria[SMDC](+RTP)
JC: [RJ156750] Tereritoria[SMDC](+RTP)

[Shouwa Saishuu Sensen (Hanauna)] Shoujo no Nichijou Dorei to Shokushu (Dragon Quest III) [Digital]

image image

Normal size (~115mb)
DF: [Shouwa Saishuu Sensen (Hanauna)] Shoujo no Nichijou Dorei to Shokushu (Dragon Quest III) [Digital][SMDC]
UL: [Shouwa Saishuu Sensen (Hanauna)] Shoujo no Nichijou Dorei to Shokushu (Dragon Quest III) [Digital][SMDC]

Downsized (~16mb)
DF: [Shouwa Saishuu Sensen (Hanauna)] Shoujo no Nichijou Dorei to Shokushu (Dragon Quest III) [Digital][SMDC][RS]
JC: [Shouwa Saishuu Sensen (Hanauna)] Shoujo no Nichijou Dorei to Shokushu (Dragon Quest III) [Digital][SMDC][RS]

New release! Slave time! Dragon Quest time!
This is a DQIII doujinshi featuring a cute ebony gadabout (or goof-off or jester, though knowing by these would denounce your age) that works as a sex slave. Not much of a story here, just one interesting setting that gives a little extra touch.
There’s some tentacle monster action, which obviously means we have anal and multiple penetrations scenes but also a all-the-way-through action (anus to mouth) so if you’re not into it, skip page 22.
Oh, and the gadabout looks like a loli. No mention to her age or anything, so it’s just an assumption from my part.

Again, another release with huge raws so two sizes available. I tried messing around with the settings to try to reduce the size without resizing but I still want to tinker a little more so it won’t be this time.

Lastly, enjoy this release. And cry after you realize that you’ll never put your hands on a cute blonde ebony petite female slave to mess up with. And even if, by some twist of fate, you do, you’ll never get your hands on a tentacle monster that is interested in raping female humans for a living. If you do get your hands on both…fuck you!

One note that I didn’t add in this release (not worth it).
Page 6, I don’t know what’s the word hat’s been erased. In the original only the last character of the word is revealed. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a reference to the game, I didn’t play any of the games in this series.

[Seibunkaken (Yanagida Fumita)] Iroenose

[Seibunkaken (Yanagida Fumita)] Iroenose Cover [Seibunkaken (Yanagida Fumita)] Iroenose English preview by SMDC [Seibunkaken (Yanagida Fumita)] Iroenose English preview 2 by SMDC

JC: [Seibunkaken (Yanagida Fumita)] Iroenose [SMDC]
UL: [Seibunkaken (Yanagida Fumita)] Iroenose [SMDC]

New release! A general release with some dark setting. But no hardcore action. It’s really a softcore release. No full frontal nudity, all genitalia censored in a way that it looks more like a non-hentai manga that ends up having some genitalia shown sporadically than an actual hentai.
Not much to say about the story. You have a guy and a little girl and this is about how they meet and start living together. Cute? Yeah, because little girls are, in essence, cute creatures. Like puppies are. That’s how nature rolls.

[KOTI] PARANOIA (Touhou Project)

PARANOIA (Touhou Project) cover PARANOIA (Touhou Project) English preview SMDC

Yes, it’s Touhou overdose! And this one is also a pretty cute one! But it’s not a non-H, it’s a H release (after all, non-H is not that popular).

In this one we have another interesting coupling between Remilia and Flandre. Two child-like ancient demon sisters making it out? Yes, that’s right. The question that remains is whether this should be tagged with loli or not. I mean, hey! They’re both much, much older than any person visiting this site!
What really matters? Looks or facts? I guess it’s the looks. So I’ll add that tag and it’s all fine.



Note: I know non-H is not that popular but anyway, I updated the previous post with a link to a text I wrote discussing that release. If you enjoyed that release or just want to see how one could start a discussion over a humanxdoll relationship story, it may be an interesting read.