(Suika Musume 7) [KURUBUSI-KAI (Dowarukofu)] Maou Eigyou Hajimemashita (Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor)

And as mentioned in the previous post, here’s the other Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor doujinshi by Dowarukofu, Maou Eigyou Hajimemashita. At least this one the name is shorter, but the file name is still huge. Oh, well.

Pretty much like the other one, but this one is actually a comic-like format instead of one image with text. We also have some lactation and pregnancy…but it’s all…well, you’ll find out.

Not much to talk about this one. Added some notes so people who have not played the game (which is called Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor only in English, most likely to gain momentum with the Shin Megami Tensei name) could grasp two things in the doujinshi, but I don’t know if what I told in the notes are spoilers or not because, surprise! I didn’t play the game either so, yeah. It’s an information that you can find pretty easily laying around (I got it from wikipedia, for god’s sake!) so maybe it’s not that much of a spoiler, but be forewarned, if you’re thinking about playing the game



(COMITIA 104) [Homuraya (Homura Subaru)] MAGICAL NIPPLE KISS+


New Homuraya! Because new yuri!
Yes, there’s a lack of yuri around here so I decided to bring another Homuraya translated.

Same stuff, two girls, big tits in at least one of them, milking, nipple playing. You know, stuffs that any two normal lesbian girls would do. I mean, who wouldn’t want to milk out the girl she loves? Who wouldn’t want to have her own tit tit-fucked by another girl? Or be penetrated by another tit? I bet it’s every girl’s dream. Right?

Yeah, anyway. There’s all the stuff I just mentioned…but I’ll just leave it as regular yuri. Nothing really out of the line enough to be tagged as alternative.

Two stories. Same main features for both. Magic users, milking boobs, boobs, milk, ring vibes, milk, boobs, lewdness, milk, boob-fucking, boobs, magic, boobs. Well, yeah, there’re some big boobs there. And some more milk. And….yeah, it’s damn Homuraya titled “MAGICAL NIPPLES KISS+” so yeah, that’s all there is.

If that’s your cup of tea, have fun.



(C83) [Homuraya (Homura Subaru)] Homuraya Milk ★ Collection 2 (Various)

Ok, today is a good day. And for that reason I’m making a big release! Yes, it’s almost 100 pages pack of yuri milking! Holy crap! Yes! 100 pages without a real dick! Only big bouncy tits and juicy pussies!
This is a collection of 6 stories by Homuraya that, AFAIK, have been released as stand-alone doujinshis before. You can see the overall cover and the cover for each of the 6 stories. Maybe you can recognize some.
Ok, we have two Touhou doujinshis, one featuring Patchouli and Alice and another featuring Patchouli and a female Imp. Both have milking involved, both have some SM play and both have no penises in it! Just like Touhou doujinshi should be!
We have one Pokemon doujinshi, featuring Touka and Bel (sorry, I don’t know what’s their English equivalent names), also featuring some milking and no penises! Nothing really alternative here.
We have two original stories, one featuring one witch and one lesbian succubus and one featuring a high school girl. The first one contains some machine fuck, milking and some torture and SM play. The second one has a still nameless fetish and solo masturbation, nothing really alternative here.
Lastly, we have a Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei doujinshi, featuring Komori Kiri and Kobushi Abiru. Contains some torture, milking and SM play. Itoshiki Nozomu makes an appearance but has no sexual relation so I’m still considering this one to be yuri.
So, as you can see, there’s a mix of General yuri and Alternative yuri in this release so I’m making this a cross category release.
Some really nice stories in this, really fapable material.
I just don’t see Abiru acting like she’s depicted in there but whatever, still hot and fapable so who cares? The purpose is to make dicks hard and pussies wet so as long as it can do it, everything is fine!
And I’m not even sure I’ve added all tags….gosh, 6 stories. Took me some time to translate all these, you can bet. But the art style made it all worth! That Pokemon doujinshi is awesome!