[Non-H](例大祭8)(同人誌)[森の蟲×天災族] ちっちゃいめーりん合同 小鈴 (東方) (非エロ)

[MorinohonxOinari] Chichai Meiling Douto Kozune[SMDC] cover [MorinohonxOinari] Chichai Meiling Douto Kozune[SMDC] English Preview 1 [MorinohonxOinari] Chichai Meiling Douto Kozune[SMDC] English preview 2

After a long time, it’s time again for a Non-H Friday! Yaaaay!

Yeah, I know it’s only a minority who enjoy these but hell, how I enjoy some doujinshi without sex or even eroticism. As long as there’s good art or a good story, I’m sold! And this one doesn’t have anything close to a prime story but really, the art is way to cute to pass.

There are two stories by two different artists, the first one being Oinari and the second one being Mori no Hon. Both stories feature a tiny Mei Ling and her misadventures as a tiny, fluffy and cutesy being. Mainly cute content, mild humor and lots of daaaaw moments.




Continuing the previous babbling: More feedback on kingfiles is appreciated. So far I’ve received two negatives, but 32 downloads. There’s also the possibility of me sticking with all 4 hosts, though I’d have to ponder about doing that.