(SC59) [Denji Yuudou (Murata Denji)] Maketakunai no ni… (Seiken Densetsu 3)

(SC59) [Denji Yuudou (Murata Denji)] Maketakunai no ni... (Seiken Densetsu 3) cover (SC59) [Denji Yuudou (Murata Denji)] Maketakunai no ni... (Seiken Densetsu 3) English Preview by SMDC

New release! Seiken Densetsu 3 time! Rape time!
This game is really awesome. I remember how I loved playing it! It was so cool to have so many classes to choose and so many characters and parties combinations! It was also pretty cool to create the stereotypical RPG team consisting of the dumb warrior (Duran), the slutty mage (Angela, who, for whatever reason, didn’t replenish her MP the right way) and the chaste side kick (Riesz), hoping to get a harem (of two) ending.

But hell! Countless possibilities! Each character have 4 different final classes to choose from, which means you can play 4 times with the same character and have different abilities and specials! Then, you choose 3 out of 6 characters, which means you can have 20 different parties. Then, since each character have 4 different final classes, you have a fuckload of 4³×20 different final teams to play with and holy shit! Tentacles raping Riesz!

Ok, leave the math(s) aside and let’s go to the release.
It’s a Riesz doujinshi, everyone’s favorite Seiken Densetsu 3 character (mine too, although I never used her as the main in my team, it was always Duran or Angela because beating the Black Rabbit, the so obvious but not confirmed, AFAIK, Monty Phyton reference, was awesome as fuck). And she’s being raped. A pretty common setting. Because she’s everyone’s favorite. And that’s the situation in which everyone wants to see their favorite female character, being raped. Specially if she’s chaste and pure (see now why we don’t have that many doujinshi featuring Angela, the slutty mage?).

Ok, enough of talk. Download links are below. I tried to resize but the result was awful and I opted not to. Left moans untranslated because I’m lazy as hell. But it’s Riesz being raped.