[Makeinu (Nachisuke)] Yandere-san ni Ame ga Furu [Digital]

Yandere-san ni Ame ga Furu cover Yandere-san ni Ame ga Furu English sample

New release!
Rainy day! Wet girl! Bathroom! Fuck yeah!

Ok, a random work by some random group. A kind of psychopath-stalker girl attaches herself to a guy and they fuck. Yeah, not much of a big deal. Nothing like Higurashi no naku or Mirai Nikki level. Compared to both, this is just hentai (Ha!).

Art is fine, though pretty bad here and there. Not really noticeable, specially if you’re fapping furiously while reading this. Story is pretty normal and nothing that deserves much attention IMHO. It’s so normal that I don’t even know what to tag this with, besides the author’s name. Stalking? Bullying? Wet clothes? Wet cellphone? Hearts in the eyes?
Hell, there’s all of this, but no, tagging with these would be just wrong.
Anyway, just download and check it for yourself.

Two options, yet again, because I know giant sized images doesn’t appeal to everyone and even causes the rage of some so yeah, the same shit as the other one.
“Original sized and reduced resolution. This time I just shrinked the image without altering the quality. It’s reduced height and width by 30% or, if you work better with total number of pixel reduction, 51% less pixels. Gallery and preview uses the reduced version.”