(C78) [Ketsukaseya (Nagare Bokunen)] Sex shitai (Original)

(C78) [Ketsukaseya (Nagare Bokunen)] Sex shitai (Original) cover (C78) [Ketsukaseya (Nagare Bokunen)] Sex shitai (Original) English Preview by SMDC

Oh heatstroke. It can be really dangerous and should be treated as soon as possible. But hey, we’re talking about the hentai world so of course a heatstroke will not cause any prolonged damage or anything, right?

Anyway, a short doujinshi about a woman and her sexual desire that is heightened by the summer heat. Oh, reality, reality, how I love thee.

Contains some exhibitionism and a milf, maybe? Don’t know. She’s portrayed as someone older but really, how old is she? She could be 18 for all we know. Does look matters?