(SC54) [Nagiyamasugi (Nagiyama)] Medaka Chan Ryoujoku (Medaka Box)

SMDC - (SC54) [Nagiyamasugi (Nagiyama)] Medaka Chan Ryoujoku (Medaka Box) cover SMDC - (SC54) [Nagiyamasugi (Nagiyama)] Medaka Chan Ryoujoku (Medaka Box) English preview

New release! Doujinshi time!

This is a Medaka Box doujinshi by Nagiyama, featuring the clich├ęd “big boobies” student council president and the eternal “faceless rapists”. The usual “useless male friend/partner/loser” is also there, but as always, makes no difference to the story, that is, obviously, close to non-existent.

Since this is based on another work, it’s supposed that you have background knowledge, but if you don’t (like I didn’t), here’s a summary of a summary I read about Medaka Box story (skip next paragraph if you know Medaka Box’s story):

Medaka is the big titted girl who become the president of the student council and sets up a suggestion box for anyone contribute. She then will read and try implement those suggestions. There’s also something about magical shit and other out-of-this-world elements.

The story of the doujinshi goes like this:

A group of people send a request, via the box, to fuck Medaka.
She’s raped.

Only one word: Astonishing.

Yes, I’m being sarcastic. But here are the download links, this time without sarcasm.