[Non-H](C84) [Suzuneiro (Berukko)] Tengu no Iiwake (Touhou Project)

New release!
Non-H Touhou time! Because there’s life after hentai.
This is a short and cute story about Aya and Hatate, the two tengu journalists from Gensoukyou.
There are hints of yuri in it for sure, but nothing explicit. Nitori and Momiji also make an apperance.
A cute story with a nice art style, that’s more than enough in my book.

DF: (C84) [Suzuneiro (Berukko)] Tengu no Iiwake (Touhou Project)[SMDC]
UL: (C84) [Suzuneiro (Berukko)] Tengu no Iiwake (Touhou Project)[SMDC]

[Non-H][Dokkoi Daikon (Setora)]Suta-Ena-Chan to Isshou

Double release!
A cute non-h doujinshi featuring the Kagamine twins and their alternate twins, Stylish Energy!
Mainly a 4-koma doujinshi with a cute story and a nice art style!
This was scanned and commissioned by NekoAnime15 too!

DF: [Dokkoi Daikon (Setora)]Suta-Ena-Chan to Isshou[SMDC]
UL: [Dokkoi Daikon (Setora)]Suta-Ena-Chan to Isshou[SMDC]

[JUNKLAND2 (Shimimaru)] PM3-12 no Reizouko

Oh boy, oh boy! It’s Shimimaru!
This is a collection of short stories (some of 1 page long) by Shimimaru!

[JUNKLAND2 (Shimimaru)] PM3-12 no Reizouko[SMDC]
[JUNKLAND2 (Shimimaru)] PM3-12 no Reizouko[SMDC]

Translating Shimimaru’s works has always been quite a pain imho. I remember I had some trouble with Junk Land and this was no different. Still a nice collection, with the usual Shimimaru weirdness and (imho) amazing art style (damn, I still love how Shimi draws breasts, and eyes too).

Anyway, this contains quite a lot of small stories (20, depending on how you count), with only a few of them being hentai (5, depending on how you count). Most are non-hentai, hence the non-H tag, though it’s a mixed bag. To compensate for the lack of hentai, there’s a handful of erotic images.
The stories varies in theme, length and tone. You can probably guess how wild this is by checking the tags.
I also learned quite a lot translating this, and you’ll understand what I mean by this when you open the zip.
For a summary of the stories…
Yeah, too many to do and summarizing a one page story is not something I want to do so go ahead, download and have fun. I think it’s worth it.

[Non-H but NSFW][Hakaisha (Chicke III & 4why)] Yojigen Hakaisha (Doraemon)

doramon_01 doramon_02

Given everything that happened this week, decided it was worth to do a special Non-H Friday!
Not going to say much. Just enjoy the handsome Nobita-kun.

Fap to that? Hold my beer.

UL: [Hakaisha (Chicke III & 4why)] Yojigen Hakaisha (Doraemon) [SMDC]
DF: [Hakaisha (Chicke III & 4why)] Yojigen Hakaisha (Doraemon) [SMDC]

BTW, the title means: Destroyer of the 4th dimension.

[Non-H](C72) [YELLOWHACKER (Sako)] Calling (Touhou Project)

calling_001_1 calling_019_1

A cute non-H Touhou doujinshi featuring Marisa and Alice.

DF: (C72) [YELLOWHACKER (Sako)] Calling (Touhou Project) [SMDC]
UL: (C72) [YELLOWHACKER (Sako)] Calling (Touhou Project) [SMDC]

Note: Had to modify the file name for DF because it apparently automatically disables any file that has the term “hacker” in its name.

[Non-H](Reitaisai 10)[Uousaohkoku (Uousaoh)] Magical Kinsenyoku (Touhou Project)

[Non-H](Reitaisai 10)[Uousaohkoku (Uousaoh)] Magical Kinsenyoku (Touhou Project) Cover [Non-H](Reitaisai 10)[Uousaohkoku (Uousaoh)] Magical Kinsenyoku (Touhou Project) English preview 1 by SMDC [Non-H](Reitaisai 10)[Uousaohkoku (Uousaoh)] Magical Kinsenyoku (Touhou Project) Preview English 2

New release! Non-H Friday! Touhou time!
A fun doujinshi about a summer day on Touhouland! Enjoy the sight of the Touhou girls in their summer designs!
There’s the story too. But girls in summer outfit! Who cares about story?
Yeah, it’s about a coin. And summer! And girls! Sold already?

DF: (Reitaisai 10)[Uousaohkoku (Uousaoh)] Magical Kinsenyoku (Touhou Project)[SMDC]
UL: (Reitaisai 10)[Uousaohkoku (Uousaoh)] Magical Kinsenyoku (Touhou Project)[SMDC]
JC: (Reitaisai 10)[Uousaohkoku (Uousaoh)] Magical Kinsenyoku (Touhou Project)[SMDC]

[Non-H][Isamura] Higeki no Heroine no Nichijou

image image

New release! Hentai? Not really. Only the cover.
This is a bullying story. Nothing sexual involved, just simple, straight violence. 3, I guess neutral evil, girls ganging up against one girl.

Is this fappable?
Yes, of course. Everything is fappable.
Should I fap to this?
Nothing is preventing you.
Is it morally right to fap to this?
If you have to ask, you’re not suited to fap to this.

DF: [Isamura] Higeki no Heroine no Nichijou [SMDC]
JC: [Isamura] Higeki no Heroine no Nichijou [SMDC]

And you can help the author by buying this on DLSite. It costs 648 yen (currently about $5.39 / €4.73).
This series have, currently, 7 volumes available for purchase.

[Non-H][Puppukupu (Kawaisaw)] R U S3RIOUS (Pokemon)


New release! This is non-h Friday release!
And it’s Pokemon time! Another Kawaisaw doujinshi featuring Mei and Homika (or Rosa and Roxie).
Unlike the other one, this one has nothing explicit, only the girls in some sexy bikinis being pretty much themselves. I believe this is good enough to make some ponos hard, though not enough to make many vagooos wet enough to J… J… JAM IT IN! But that’s not the goal here anyway.
It’s a cute story giving another slight peek into Homika’s past and showing us Mei and Lou’s extra facets (and features).

Like almost all of the pokemon doujinshi I’ve translated, two options are available, the right one (Japanese names) and the wrong one (English names). But worry not, picking the wrong choice won’t prevent you from being the special and unique magical flake you are.

Japanese names:
DF: (Challe! 3) [Puppukupu (Kawaisaw)] R U S3RIOUS (Pokemon)[SMDC]
JC: (Challe! 3) [Puppukupu (Kawaisaw)] R U S3RIOUS (Pokemon)[SMDC]

English names:
DF: (Challe! 3) [Puppukupu (Kawaisaw)] R U S3RIOUS (Pokemon)[SMDC][E]
UL: (Challe! 3) [Puppukupu (Kawaisaw)] R U S3RIOUS (Pokemon)[SMDC][E]