[Sabaten] Okusan Biyori (Okusan)

[Sabaten] Okusan Biyori (Okusan) Cover [Sabaten] Okusan Biyori (Okusan) English Preview by SMDC [Sabaten] Okusan Biyori (Okusan) English Preview 2 by SMDC

New CG release! Okusan this time.
A hentai of an almost hentai manga, nice.
Well, this is just the tale of a big titted wife and her magic body that never gets pregnant. Yeah, the magic part is bullshit, but really, how the hell is she not getting pregnant? Is it so hard to happen?

So, CG contains mainly fucking scenes, one outdoor sequence with pee and one public pool sequence but nothing really public so yeah, nothing that grants the alternative category.
Don’t know if she’d be considered a milf but she has pretty big tits and pink hair.

The same deal with CG sets, two versions, yada yada yada.
There’s a folder named “Night pictures” with 3 pictures in there that I have no clue where they’re supposed to go or why only those three were included. I also modified the sequence of the pictures in comparison to the raw in a way that made more sense to me. The textless version is still in the original sequence so you can compare.

DF: [Sabaten] Okusan Biyori (Okusan)[SMDC]
JC: [Sabaten] Okusan Biyori (Okusan)[SMDC]

Text only
DF: [Sabaten] Okusan Biyori (Okusan)[SMDC][text]
UL: [Sabaten] Okusan Biyori (Okusan)[SMDC][text]