(C78) [Itsukidou (Touma Itsuki)] Tsukiyami (Heart Catch Precure!)

New release! Violent yuri action! Short but good if you’re into one girl physically and psychologically humiliating another girl.

UL: (C78) [Itsukidou (Touma Itsuki)] Tsukiyami (Heart Catch Precure!)[SMDC]
DF: (C78) [Itsukidou (Touma Itsuki)] Tsukiyami (Heart Catch Precure!)[SMDC]

[Game] One night hide and seek!! [RJ132774]

RJ132774 RJ132774 preview RJ132774 preview 2

New release! New game! Another RPG Maker one!
In One night hide and seek!! you are Milly, an intrepid adventurer who gets lost deep in the mountains. Luckily someone built a mansion in such remote place and its owner allows you and your partner to take shelter for the night. But under one condition, entertaining the owner by playing a match of hide and seek!
Thus starts an unusual adventure that will forever remains in your memory.

This is a short RPG made by the people from ClearMana Plum.
It is a short and simple dungeon crawling-like game. There’s no leveling up, no grinding for items, no ultra complex puzzles, just a nice paced exploration game. But don’t think it’ll be easy because the path is not free of hardships!

This can probably provide you some 40 minutes of joy or so and has a total of 9 (lewd) CG events.
The game can be bought on DLsite and it’s really, really cheap.
It’s currently being sold at 432 JPY ($3.47 / €3.13). Less than US$/€3,50! For 40 minutes of entertainment the price is not bad! And you can always come back to it later!
It costs you almost nothing but for the developers it’s a sign that their work is appreciated so do them a favor, ok?

In terms of content, it’s totally alternative material. Monster rape, bondage, piss, breath play, just to list a few. And the art style used is that of SD characters throughout every scene so it’s a kinda fucked-up cutesy scenes. That type of stuff that will make some wonder why they’re getting turned on.

This game requires the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP. You can easily find it on the RPG Maker official site, but I’m also providing a pack with the game and the RTP. Or you can just download the game here and download the RTP elsewhere, it’s up to you. The RTP is about 185mb and the game, 19mb.

Game only (19mb):
DF: [RJ132774] One night hide and seek (No RTP)[SMDC]
UL: [RJ132774] One night hide and seek (No RTP)[SMDC].rar

Game+RTP (204mb):
DF: [RJ132774] One night hide and seek (RTP)[SMDC]
UL: [RJ132774] One night hide and seek (RTP)[SMDC]

Again, consider buying this game. It’s only 432 JPY ($3.47 / €3.13) and you help the creators. And none of the DLSite links are affiliate ones, fyi.

The pack also contains a save file at the last room of the game. Use it if you want to spoil your own fun or if you’re really having a hard time beating the game.

[Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shitatare III

[Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shitatare III cover [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shitatare III English preview 1 by SMDC [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shitatare III English preview 2 by SMDC

New release! Third volume of this Shitatare series.
Same deal, pissing around, wetting pants and panties, public pissing, omorashi.
Two stories this time, one about two friends who go out shopping and another Dragon Quest doujinshi.
Not much to say about them. There are girls. They have some incontinence problem. They piss themselves. Fin.

Anyway, Dragon Quest is a series that went through a westernization of the names so some people know the characters by one name while others by another. In this doujinshi there are characters and magic spells that could cause confusion so I’m releasing two options, one with Japanese names and one with their English counterpart. I’m also providing a pack with all three volumes in one (in this pack, the third volume is the Japanese named version).

Japanese names:
DF: [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shizuku III [SMDC]
UL: [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shizuku III [SMDC]

English names:
DF: [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shizuku III [SMDC][e]
UL: [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shizuku III [SMDC][e]

3 volume pack:
DF: [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shitatari I-III [SMDC]
JC: [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shitatari I-III [SMDC]

Also, the name of this series is “Suzu no Shitatare”, not “Suzu no Shizuku”. This according to the cover. Lazyness made me name some as the latter not the former. But you can easily fix that yourself.

[Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shitatari II [SMDC]

image image

DF: [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shizuku II [SMDC]
UL: [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shizuku II [SMDC]

Another release! Pee time again!
Second volume of the Suzu no Shitatari series.
This time we have two stories in the pack, one starring the same two sisters from the previous volume plus a new female friend and a Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu featuring Nagato and Asakura. All pee related with public peeing and omorashi, like the other volume. If you enjoyed the first one, you’ll likely enjoy this one.

[Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shitatari

image image

DF: [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shitatari [SMDC]
UL: [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shitatari [SMDC]

New release! Pee time!
This is a doujinshi packed with 3 pee stories.
First two are about two sister. Last story is a DQ doujinshi also involving pee. All of the pee happens outdoors and the girls are clothed too so if you like clothed girls wetting themselves, this is for you! Soaked skirts, panties and pants. Have fun.

Oh, and that third preview is not a mistake. Oh, no it isn’t.

[Hachiyou] Radiant Mythology 2 (Tales of Series)

[Hachiyou] Radiant Mythology 2 (Tales of Series) Cover image

Life is shit. And here’s a CG set release to represent that.
Ok, the CG set is not shit, but it contains shit. And life is not the same kind of shit, but hey, the word fits.

This release is a set featuring a half dozen or so girls from the Tales of series. And they’re depicted shitting, pissing and having sex, just like any other normal girl. Yes, girls do shit and piss (and they also fart), but I guess everybody who visits SMDC knows about it.

There’s no story, it’s just a sequence of the girls being fucked and answering nature’s call (not necessarily in that order). If you do enjoy Tales of series and do enjoy scat, you’ll likely enjoy this one.

Options are one pack with only the texted(?) images and another pack with both text and textless images. For whatever reason, there are more textless images than texted images.


Text set

Text+Textless set

Other notes about this release:
Since I’m not having much time lately, I released this one without translating moans and such. Everything that is not translated is either moans, screams of pleasure or screams of “I’m cumming”.
Also, no imagevenue gallery for this because they don’t support .png files and I’m not going to convert to jpg.

(C75) [Udonko Bitch (Bitch Goigostar)] Kaettekita! Oshiri Kajiri Yarou -Tokusou Han-

Bitch Goigostar Cover Bitch Goigostar English preview

Bitch Goigostar! Strange creatures! Freaking fetish!

This is a nice release. A few fetishes, an interesting art and such a compelling story! Oh my! And you know what’s the best part? There’s a summary of the story in the story! I don’t even need to write it down! Take a look at the summary:

Bitch Goigostar English Summary

So yeah, that’s pretty much the story (protip: there’s no story in hentai).
And what you’ll find in it? Tentacle rape, anal rape, torture, scat, piss, impaling fucking and some gang rape. “Impaling fucking” is the name I just decided to call when something goes into the ass and gets out through the mouth.
The scat and piss is just pooping and pissing on the floor, no feces eating or piss drinking involved.



[dix-sept] Kore Ga Shiawasette Kotona No!

Kore Ga Shiawasette Kotona No! coverKore Ga Shiawasette Kotona No! sample

And here’s the last (available for now) part of this dix-sept yaoi/trap series.
In this last part we have our hero, Yuu, bringing a new superfriend to give it a try working together, side by side. But this superfriend seems to be a little stubborn and suspicious about the work, provoking the ire of the great leader (aka manager)! What terrible misadventures awaits our new character and how will Yuu cope with the stubbornness and suspicioussess of the recently brought superfriend?
The answers for these questions just one click away (ok, two…maybe three, hell, a few)!

Ok, jokes aside, this part contains some light bdsm and some golden-shower, but it’s just like the previous chapter, it’s easy to take the piss for cum so, yeah, all is fine. The piss plays a bigger role but I still don’t see it as the main focus so I’ll just leave this one under “trap”. But be warned that there’s more piss play here than in the previous chapter so if you don’t like that piss, well, imagine it’s cum.
Actually I’m in doubt if this should go under “trap” or under “alternative”, but not because of the piss, but because the characters have tits! They don’t seem like traps! They seem like shemales who went/are going through hormones and I don’t know if those would fall into “traps” or “alternative”.
Oh well, whatever. Maybe this “guys that looks like girls and even have some small tits” is a tactic to bring to the dark side of the force all the ones who’re not really fond of traps. Who knows, right?
Enough with the chat, the links are right below! I’m also releasing a v2 of the first part after taking a better look and correcting the mistakes pointed out by that guy with a strange nick. So thanks to him/her and have fun with your traps.


Downloads (volume 1, v2)