[Non-H](Reitaisai 9) [PNP] A misty rain rhapsody (Touhou Project)

A misty rain rhapsody (Touhou Project) cover A misty rain rhapsody (Touhou Project) English preview SMDC

It’s Friday! It’s a Non-H release! Hey! It’s Non-H Friday!
Yes, this is still alive and actually I was in doubt how I should release this, if I should create a new category or not. It’s hard to decide because if I do create a new category, the remaining categories could become tags. I mean, there are yuri doujinshi that are not hentai, like this one. So I thought it’d be fine to just use “Non-H” as a tag, instead of a category and it actually made more sense to me this way. But then again the thought of having to go through hentai releases to find non-hentai releases didn’t appeal me, because I didn’t create a tag list, like I did with the categories so maybe creating a category is better. But then again, I created the categories mainly to allows people to subscribe to specific feeds instead of receiving all releases because this is a pretty eclectic project, but then again not many people are subscribed to the individual feeds, the majority goes to the mixed feed so, so, so…in the end I decided not to create a new category and just add a “Non-H” tag and categorize it according to the already available categories. Deal with it.

Right, this doujinshi is by PNP. And it’s cute. Sad, but cute. Like the other PNP doujinshi, this is a MariRei one. The art is as good as the other one, it’s as cute as the other one, but this one, to me, seems a little more sad, despite the ending. It’s good to get a break from translating hentai every once in a while so it’s really nice to work on this one. It’s so refreshing not to have to think about typesetting dozens of moans.