[Non-H](Reitaisai 12) [Ao (Yohane)] Touhou Seichou – Wakuraba Kotoha (Touhou Project)

DF: (Reitaisai 12) [Ao (Yohane)] Touhou Seichou – Wakuraba Kotoha (Touhou Project)[SMDC]
UL: (Reitaisai 12) [Ao (Yohane)] Touhou Seichou – Wakuraba Kotoha (Touhou Project)[SMDC]

Non-h Friday with an amazing Yohane work that comes in two parts! Directly connected with the other Yohane doujinshi I’ve translated, this one follows the misadventures of Sanae and Reimu, with a bit of Marisa involved here and there (a much more mature Marisa, by the way, which is nice to see). Second part we get a glimpse of the future, with pretty much all of the issues I raised when I wrote about that MarixShanghai paring solved. Probably with magic.

From Wagamama Body no Shanghai Ningyou!!

The second bit is as cute as this other Touhou doujinshi. And I can’t help but think about this other doujinshi as being the storyline had the “what if” scenario from the first part actually happened.

Aah…that feel when you know you’ll never have a love life as sweet as these.

(C87) [Tonkotsu (Sekiri)] Chou Megami Choukyou Noire – Ninshin Black Heart (Hyperdimension Neptunia)

chou_megami_01_thumb chou_megami_02_thumb

New release! Neptunia time!
In this colorful release, commissioned by anonymous, we have Noire, Nep and Plutia having some not explained futanari fun. There’s some body controlling collar involved too. But what really matters is that this is a fully colored Noire×Nep×Plutia action!

DF: (C87)[Tonkotsu (Sekiri)]Chou Megami Choukyou Noire – Ninshin Black Heart (Hyperdimension Neptunia)[SMDC]
UL: (C87)[Tonkotsu (Sekiri)]Chou Megami Choukyou Noire – Ninshin Black Heart (Hyperdimension Neptunia)[SMDC]

[Butakoma 300g] Otonari Vitamin Osananajimi

001_title_thumb 011e_thumb 016j_thumb 027f1_thum

*Update: Added resized version.

New release! CG Set time!
Some first time fetishes in this set commissioned by anonymous.
This long CG set is filled with unusual fetishes (but more feasible than nipple fuck) to satiate your needs. It tells the relationship between two childhood friends in a quest to find out who’s the most perverted of the two. Or so it seems.
The list of fetishes you can satiate include: cum/smegma smell, cum/smegma eating, greek kiss, cum snorting, small breast complex, leotard, body writing, pregnancy and child birth. I believe I’m forgetting some but you got the idea already.
Enjoy the set!

DF: [Butakoma 300g] Otonari Vitamin Osananajimi [SMDC]
JC: [Butakoma 300g] Otonari Vitamin Osananajimi [SMDC]
UL: [Butakoma 300g] Otonari Vitamin Osananajimi [SMDC]

As requested (ask and you may receive), I’m providing a downsized version. I’ve reduced by 25% both dimensions (to 1200×900 or 900×1200) and the pack is 35mb.

DF: [Butakoma 300g] Otonari Vitamin Osananajimi [SMDC]

[Neko no Oppai (Jagausa)] Toki wo kakeru Niku-Benki [Digital]

image image

New release! Big titted loli time traveler time!
This was commissioned by an anonymous commissioner and it’s a doujinshi featuring a big titted cum dumpster who, for whatever reason, gets the chance to travel back in time to try to change her life.
The overall setting is quite messed up with impregnation, public humiliation and rape.
If you’re into this kind of scenario, you’ll certainly enjoy this one.

DF: [Neko no Oppai (Jagausa)] Toki wo kakeru Niku-Benki [Digital][SMDC]
JC: [Neko no Oppai (Jagausa)] Toki wo kakeru Niku-Benki [Digital][SMDC]

[Kichiku Koubou] Kindan no Scatology Lez~ Yumiko to Mayumi

[Kichiku Koubou] Kindan no Scatology Lez~ Yumiko to Mayumi Cover [Kichiku Koubou] Kindan no Scatology Lez~ Yumiko to Mayumi English preview by SMDC

DF: [Kichiku Koubou] Kindan no Scatology Lez~ Yumiko to Mayumi [SMDC]
JC: [Kichiku Koubou] Kindan no Scatology Lez~ Yumiko to Mayumi [SMDC]
Links updated.
If you’ve downloaded the corrupted page 15, click the following link and download only the missing page. Right-click and save as

New release! And honey shit!
Mix of fetishes that’s probably not for the widest of the publics.

This doujinshi tells one episode in the story of a lesbian milf/mature couple.
Right, go on, nothing wrong here.

One of the woman is married and pregnant but still can’t forget her woman lover.
Ok, things are starting to get different but nothing weird, I guess.

Both women loves anal.

One of them always had a coprophagia fantasy.

It’s the pregnant woman.

And she realizes her fantasy in this episode.

Right! In other words, there’s a pregnant woman eating shit, a non-pregnant woman eating shit and for the grand finale there’s direct shit swapping. Pretty stupid because physics but whatever.

Anyway, it’s totally colored, with an average art style but with a mix of fetishes that’s probably enough to make people squirm in discomfort and disgust. Actually, it’s a quite precise fetish mix, milf, pregnancy, coprophagia and shit swapping. Maybe this can blossom a new interest in you. Maybe you’ll be able to even cum to this, who knows? No judgements here. Though I do wonder what are the risks for the baby. And also for the other woman for eating diarrhea…Oh, hentai, hentai…disregarding the real world like it’s just a piece of shit…oh, wait!

[ERA FEEL] Suwakana bon (touhou)


Another release! Another commission! This time it’s a Touhou doujinshi commissioned by colBoh.

This is a doujinshi featuring Kanako and Suwako and some tentacle fun here and there with some belly getting big as a result. All consensual, in case you’re wondering, but the “Alternative” category remains because we have some alternative fetishes, as you can notice by the tags.

The file is pretty small and the art is really nice, but the story is short. Oh well…


[Furuya] Sherry-chan Kouhai jikken kiroku

[Furuya] Sherry-chan Kouhai jikken kiroku

New release. Yet another commission, this time by Robberbaron.
This one is a short doujinshi by Furuya about Resident Evil. This is actually part of a bigger set that includes a CG set, but only the doujinshi part was commissioned.

It’s a story about a monster (a G-Virus host) wanting to get all lovey-dovey with Sherry. Too bad that she doesn’t want. Poor guy. And in the end he still needs to see his lovely Sherry being violated by another woman. Tough situation.

Well, enjoy the rape.

JC: [Furuya] Sherry-chan Kouhai jikken kiroku[SMDC]


(Suika Musume 7) [KURUBUSI-KAI (Dowarukofu)] Maou Eigyou Hajimemashita (Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor)

And as mentioned in the previous post, here’s the other Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor doujinshi by Dowarukofu, Maou Eigyou Hajimemashita. At least this one the name is shorter, but the file name is still huge. Oh, well.

Pretty much like the other one, but this one is actually a comic-like format instead of one image with text. We also have some lactation and pregnancy…but it’s all…well, you’ll find out.

Not much to talk about this one. Added some notes so people who have not played the game (which is called Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor only in English, most likely to gain momentum with the Shin Megami Tensei name) could grasp two things in the doujinshi, but I don’t know if what I told in the notes are spoilers or not because, surprise! I didn’t play the game either so, yeah. It’s an information that you can find pretty easily laying around (I got it from wikipedia, for god’s sake!) so maybe it’s not that much of a spoiler, but be forewarned, if you’re thinking about playing the game



[Taikuu Works] Mite! Mou, Ninshin Dekirundayo

Ok, today I bring you my first commissioned translation. Thank Gurolover 12 for commissioning this. It’s a huge Yuru Yuri CG set featuring all four main characters pregnant. No real plot or anything, just them pregnant being fucked by an invisible man.
Now, this CG contains the same set of images 8 times. Yes, 8. 4 sets are with text, the other 4 are textless. Among those 4, two have dark nipples and vagina beefs, the other two have light nipples and vagina beefs. And among those two, one has pubic hair and the other doesn’t. Yes, for all tastes (unless you wanted the girls bald too, but that won’t be happening, sorry).
I’m uploading two packs, oneonly with the 4 sets with text and the other pack with all sets (text+textless). Feel free to choose whichever you want.
And the gallery contains only the first set (pubic+dark).

Depositfiles (complete)