[Ragnarok Online] Bird Cage + Fastest Lap Suirou

Bird Cage

Fastest Lap Suirou

New release!
Two Ragnarok Online doujinshi featuring female Archers.
First one features the archer and some orcs. Second one features the archer and thieves. Rape and gang rape (or threesome rape, for the second).
Don’t know who drew these, don’t know if these are the actual names of the works either.
These were commissioned by Anonymous.

DF: Bird Cage + Fastest Lap [SMDC].zip
UL: Bird Cage + Fastest Lap [SMDC].zip

(C80) [Ryuknigthia (Kiduki Erika)] Daily RO 6 (Ragnarok Online)

Daily RO 6 cover Daily RO 6 English preview

Finally a new Daily RO volume!
Yes! I decided to do this volume 6 once for all! I was hoping that some Chinese group would upload a better scan but that didn’t happen and I decided to just use the crappy one available. So yeah, don’t expect much image quality from this one.
Actually I didn’t plan to release this today, I planned to release Popping Shower 2, the volume after Poping Shower 1 but after a comment in my previous release regarding downsizing, I decided to postpone this and do some experiments with downsizing. But anyway, back to this release.

A female Shadow Chaser and male White Smith. They fuck. In low resolution. But yeah, they fuck. Just the usual vanilla action you find in this series, but in low resolution. Yeah.

Ok, I don’t know what these classes actually are and I didn’t bothered to make a throughout research so there is one thing that I found strange while translating this but decided to keep to what was written. But let me ask, can a thief became a shadow chaser? Or can a thief became one? And does white smiths work as merchants? Or is this like some MMOs where pretty much any character can set up a store and can sell equipments?

Oh, the doubts of humanity. But Daily RO 6 is finally done! Now let’s see how long it’ll take to have Daily RO 7 done.



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