[Furuya] Sherry-chan Kouhai jikken kiroku

[Furuya] Sherry-chan Kouhai jikken kiroku

New release. Yet another commission, this time by Robberbaron.
This one is a short doujinshi by Furuya about Resident Evil. This is actually part of a bigger set that includes a CG set, but only the doujinshi part was commissioned.

It’s a story about a monster (a G-Virus host) wanting to get all lovey-dovey with Sherry. Too bad that she doesn’t want. Poor guy. And in the end he still needs to see his lovely Sherry being violated by another woman. Tough situation.

Well, enjoy the rape.

JC: [Furuya] Sherry-chan Kouhai jikken kiroku[SMDC]