(COMIC1☆6) [乙女気分 (三色網戸。)] 性春日記 4 (オリジナル)

seishun nikki 4 cover seishun nikki 4 sample

Wow! I finally did this! Don’t even know if someone remembers I did volume 3 and volume 5 of this series back in the days. Don’t know if someone’s been waiting for volume 4, but regardless, it’s here!
Yes, Seishuun Nikki volume 4! With the usual big breasted girl, now gang-banged inside a train! Nice and all, but short.
The story is actually just 8 pages long and it’s calling it “story” is being too nice. Just some fucking and some free fan service here and there. Nothing to talk about, just to fap.

It took me a while to finish this mainly because of the editing. I left this project sitting for months, actually, since I started editing this back in March or even February, I don’t know. But back when I started, my editing skills were really lacking to be able to edit this doujinshi in a reasonable amount of time and with a reasonable quality so I kept postponing or editing one panel whenever I felt like or something. Until I decided to pick it up and just do the whole thing. And here’s it. Now I just need to put my mind into finishing that damn Daily RO series….