[NON-H](Reitaisai 10)[Sumitan (Satou Kibi)] Wagamama Body no Shanghai Ningyou!! (Touhou Project)

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New release! Non-H Friday release!

This doujinshi by Sumitan is a really nice Touhou doujinshi featuring Shanghai as the main character. The story is about Shanghai growing and becoming like a full-fledged human by pure accident. I really enjoyed this story.

I was in doubt whether I should release this now or not because this circle makes reference to their previous works so some jokes won’t be understood if you didn’t read them. So I thought about hunting down which volumes they refer to, translate and release those first before releasing this, but, well, I become fond of Shanghai after Hoshi Utsuro and I decided to translate this mainly because of that…so I’m releasing this right now and maybe I’ll release other Sumitan works later (featuring Shanghai or not, since I really liked their art style).