[Non-H][Isamura] Higeki no Heroine no Nichijou

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New release! Hentai? Not really. Only the cover.
This is a bullying story. Nothing sexual involved, just simple, straight violence. 3, I guess neutral evil, girls ganging up against one girl.

Is this fappable?
Yes, of course. Everything is fappable.
Should I fap to this?
Nothing is preventing you.
Is it morally right to fap to this?
If you have to ask, you’re not suited to fap to this.

DF: [Isamura] Higeki no Heroine no Nichijou [SMDC]
JC: [Isamura] Higeki no Heroine no Nichijou [SMDC]

And you can help the author by buying this on DLSite. It costs 648 yen (currently about $5.39 / €4.73).
This series have, currently, 7 volumes available for purchase.

[Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shitatare III

[Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shitatare III cover [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shitatare III English preview 1 by SMDC [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shitatare III English preview 2 by SMDC

New release! Third volume of this Shitatare series.
Same deal, pissing around, wetting pants and panties, public pissing, omorashi.
Two stories this time, one about two friends who go out shopping and another Dragon Quest doujinshi.
Not much to say about them. There are girls. They have some incontinence problem. They piss themselves. Fin.

Anyway, Dragon Quest is a series that went through a westernization of the names so some people know the characters by one name while others by another. In this doujinshi there are characters and magic spells that could cause confusion so I’m releasing two options, one with Japanese names and one with their English counterpart. I’m also providing a pack with all three volumes in one (in this pack, the third volume is the Japanese named version).

Japanese names:
DF: [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shizuku III [SMDC]
UL: [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shizuku III [SMDC]

English names:
DF: [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shizuku III [SMDC][e]
UL: [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shizuku III [SMDC][e]

3 volume pack:
DF: [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shitatari I-III [SMDC]
JC: [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shitatari I-III [SMDC]

Also, the name of this series is “Suzu no Shitatare”, not “Suzu no Shizuku”. This according to the cover. Lazyness made me name some as the latter not the former. But you can easily fix that yourself.

[Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shitatari II [SMDC]

image image

DF: [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shizuku II [SMDC]
UL: [Suzu no Oka (Homare)] Suzu no Shizuku II [SMDC]

Another release! Pee time again!
Second volume of the Suzu no Shitatari series.
This time we have two stories in the pack, one starring the same two sisters from the previous volume plus a new female friend and a Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu featuring Nagato and Asakura. All pee related with public peeing and omorashi, like the other volume. If you enjoyed the first one, you’ll likely enjoy this one.

[A.O.I (Honewo Arukemita)] Kegareta Shinsekai (Shinsekai Yori)

New release! A Shinsekai Yori doujinshi featuring don’t know who being raped and trashed by another one I don’t know who is and by some random rat-like creatures or whatever. Yes, you’ve guessed, I’ve never watched the anime nor read the manga nor know whether there’s an anime, manga or game or whatever. But the doujinshi have a range of alternative fetishes that may please some readers.
Obviously there’s rape and monster rape, which can be presumed by what I’ve wrote up until now and the cover. You’ll also find some anal raping, self-pissing and impregnation, double penetration and maybe something else that I’m forgetting now. Something I decided to call mind break is also in there, though one could call it will break or similar.
There’s no story here, really. Just plain raping and fucking and raping and screaming. The art is really nice too, so I decided to work on it. The bad thing is that this isn’t a digital version, so there are some imperfections in the image, but nothing really major, or so I believe.