(C84) [CROSS HEARTS (Ayase Hazuki)] SO SMILE! (Super Soniko) [2nd Edition 2013-09-01]

(C84) [CROSS HEARTS (Ayase Hazuki)] SO SMILE! (Super Soniko) cover (C84) [CROSS HEARTS (Ayase Hazuki)] SO SMILE! (Super Soniko) English preview by SMDC

New release! Colorful release! Super Soniko! Super who?
Don’t know, just some girl who’s always wearing headphones and some erotic clothing but is not from the sex industry. In other words, rule34-ready.

This is a short doujinshi by Ayase Hazuki so you can expect some nice art. Can’t say the same for the story, but who cares? It’s pretty much Soniko fucking a faceless guy on some beach paradise. More than enough. The beach is actually unnecessary, it could be some empty void and it wouldn’t make much difference for the development of the plot.




Oh, right, here. It’s dangerous to go alone.
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