(C81) [Otona Shuppan (Hitsuji Takako)] fairy's SEX 2 (Tales of Xillia)

(C81) [Otona Shuppan (Hitsuji Takako)] fairy's SEX 2 (Tales of Xillia) Cover (C81) [Otona Shuppan (Hitsuji Takako)] fairy's SEX 2 (Tales of Xillia) English preview by SMDC

And here it is, fairy’s SEX sequel, fairy’s SEX 2!

What do we have in this volume that we didn’t have in the last one? Nothing, I guess. We have dicks, we have tits, we have fucking. Ok, we do actually have new things. We have more dicks and more holes being used at the same time. It’s a normal sex scene that is upgraded to a threesome that, after charging enough mana, evolves to a gang bang of 4 against 1.

Taking into consideration that we have only 10 pages and that out of those, 2 have no actual sex, we’re left with 8 pages to go from a cute “girl, I love you, let’s fuck” to “DICKS WAR!!!”.



(SC53) [Otona Shuppan] fairy's SEX (Tales of Xillia)

(SC53) [Otona Shuppan] fairy's SEX (Tales of Xillia) cover (SC53) [Otona Shuppan] fairy's SEX (Tales of Xillia) english preview

New release. Another short one, but good, nonetheless.
This is a Tales of Xillia doujinshi featuring our favorite big titted spirit lord and the not so loved main character of the game. Really, someone likes the guy who can fuck such a beauty?

Story goes like this: Milla, our eternal huge titted childish goddess is fucked by Jude. Fin.

Really, not much to say about this. Just a plain vanilla doujinshi with a big titted girl and a generic guy that actually have a face and name. Volume 2 will be released in the next few days too.



(C81) [Kaicho-Maniax (Nanami Yasuna)] KiraKira (Tales of Xillia)

KiraKira (Tales of Xillia) cover KiraKira (Tales of Xillia) sample

New release! New Tales doujinshi! Another Xillia one!
This one is done by Nanami Yasuna, whose art style really attracts me. Guess because it really goes to the sexy yet cute side of the erotic art (or cute yet sexy, I don’t know). But really, the Milla in this doujinshi is just so cute and yet so sexy (I mean, damn, just look at that cover!).
Ok, about the story. We have Milla and Alvin doing it. Fin.
Ok, a more detailed review. Milla wants to try what a man and a woman do together at night on the bed. And it’s obvious what they do. Fin.
Really, no story, if you couldn’t tell by now. But the art is awesome! Really fappable stuff here! Maybe not for girls, but hey, it’s cute so maybe this Milla could appeal to other girls too, despite being busty and dense as a door!

Anyway, two versions available. Original size and resized. Since this is a scanned version, the original sized one is quite big in file size, 66MB. Resized down by 25% and got the size reduced to 30MB, so a 1/4 cut in the image dimension leading to a 1/2 cut in total size. Probably because of how unoptimized it was scanned, I don’t know. But I never really bother about optimizing the files before I work on them (I just clean, I don’t optimize). Well, just download whichever you want.

Original size:

Resized size:
Extra note for after you’ve read the doujinshi.

Ok, so you’ve read it and, for whatever reason, you got puzzled as to why they’re wearing those butler/maid outfit? Were you, again for whatever strange reason, bothered that that specific part of this storyless fapping material was not explained? Well, that outfit is actually an official costume pack that was released for the game. Yes, you can play Tales of Xillia using a maid Milla and a butler Alvin and all the rest of the crew dressed in those outfits too.
So, there you go. If you want to see a 3D version of maid Milla, you could buy the game and the costume pack. Or just search for images about “Maid/Butler Tales of Xillia” to get some screenshots.