[ANGEL Club 2015-03][HeroHeroTom] Danran

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New release! BBW time!
This release was commissioned by LegendaryT and it’s a heartwarming story about a family with strong ties, where members care about one another and are always there during hard times!
A really nice story.
There’s also this BBW in the middle of the family that acts all nasty and ends up being raped, tortured and made into a cum dumpster by the rest of the family but still! It’s a tale of a family reinforcing their bonds!

DF: [ANGEL Club 2015-03][HeroHeroTom]Danran [SMDC]
JC: [ANGEL Club 2015-03][HeroHeroTom]Danran [SMDC]

Updated links. Don’t know if the files were corrupted since nobody said a thing, but the copy I had was so I decided to update the links.

[Game]Punishing the Conceited Heroine – The Game [RJ152222/RE152222]

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New release! Short game time!
This is a Dragon Quest doujinshi game where you punish a conceited futanari heroine. This is not a RPG or anything, it’s almost like a flash game made with RPG Maker. There’s some back story and sex. Simple as that.
The Heroine is fully voiced so she speaks during the back story and during the sex.
This contains, obviously, futa and torture.

Consider supporting the developers!

It may sound a little expensive for the length of the game (648 JPY, about $5.40 / €4.81) but remember that it’s fully voiced.

This game requires the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP. You can easily find it on the RPG Maker official site, but I’m also providing a pack with the game and the RTP. Or you can just download the game here and download the RTP elsewhere, it’s up to you. The RTP is about 185mb and the game, about 19mb. If you already downloaded/installed the RTP for any of the previous RPG Maker games, you shouldn’t need to download/install the RTP again. (though you can download here again if you want to give me a hand)

Game only:
DF: [RJ152222] Punishing the Conceited Heroine – The Game [SMDC]
JC: [RJ152222] Punishing the Conceited Heroine – The Game [SMDC]
UL: [RJ152222] Punishing the Conceited Heroine – The Game [SMDC]

DF: [RJ152222] Punishing the Conceited Heroine – The Game [SMDC][RTP]

Yes, I forgot to add the “futanari” in the title. Too lazy to fix that.

[B Kaiman] Kyousei Shemale Seiniku Kankin

[B Kaiman] Kyousei Shemale Seiniku Kankin Cover [B Kaiman] Kyousei Shemale Seiniku Kankin English preview by SMDC [B Kaiman] Kyousei Shemale Seiniku Kankin English preview 2 by SMDC

DF: [B Kaiman] Kyousei Shemale Seiniku Kankin [SMDC]
JC: [B Kaiman] Kyousei Shemale Seiniku Kankin [SMDC]

New release! Forced shemalization? Don’t know how to term this.
In short, guy is forcefully turned into a masochist shemale anal sex slave. You know, the usual drill. Against at first, mentally broken slut at the end. Why change the recipe?

Somebody recommended this. Easy enough so, done.

[Naya] Mahou no Wig – Shemale Maso Shoufu – Sayaka no Kokuhaku

[Naya] Mahou no Wig - Shemale Maso Shoufu - Sayaka no Kokuhaku cover [Naya] Mahou no Wig - Shemale Maso Shoufu - Sayaka no Kokuhaku English preview by SMDC

New release! Naya time! Trap? Shemale? Magical transgenderization? I don’t know how to tag this and if you read this, you’ll probably understand why.

Anyway, this was commissioned by Parn and it’s a Naya work where we have a magical wig and a naive guy. Summarizing the plot, guy wears a magical wig, turns into a woman (though, for whatever reason, keeping his dick) and starts messing around. Or maybe he starts getting messed around?

Well, time to find out.



[Kengai san] Josou Yuusha to Otoko Darake no Shiro

[Kengai san] Josou Yuusha to Otoko Darake no Shiro [Kengai san] Josou Yuusha to Otoko Darake no Shiro

New release. Another commission.
This time, it was commissioned by Stickerparty and trap lovers should be able to enjoy this to some extent.

This CG set tells the story of a hero and a demon king and a dark elf, who’s also a demon that lives in a castle that is not the same castle as the demon king but is, nonetheless, a castle and dicks. Lots of dicks. Yes, demons and castles so it’s obvious that monsters are included. And other humans too. And, hell, now I don’t know if this should be labeled “trap” or not. Oh, the problems of categories.

Anyway, to summarize, hero is captured by dark elf demon when he tries to invade the castle. And he’s fucked. A lot. By a lot of things. The full list includes the dark elf, an orc, a pair of twin demons, a dog and another human. Rape, torture, cry and a happy ending, I guess…

This is a crosspost between “Alternative” and “Trap”, because I believe there’s something in the bag of things that fucks the hero that could be called a trap. Or maybe the hero himself. Whatever. The pack contains only the text version. If you want the textless version for whatever reason, feel free to ask in the comments.



Random babbling:
Gosh, how come I never used “bondage” as a tag here? Damn…some retagging to do in the next days.

(C75) [Udonko Bitch (Bitch Goigostar)] Kaettekita! Oshiri Kajiri Yarou -Tokusou Han-

Bitch Goigostar Cover Bitch Goigostar English preview

Bitch Goigostar! Strange creatures! Freaking fetish!

This is a nice release. A few fetishes, an interesting art and such a compelling story! Oh my! And you know what’s the best part? There’s a summary of the story in the story! I don’t even need to write it down! Take a look at the summary:

Bitch Goigostar English Summary

So yeah, that’s pretty much the story (protip: there’s no story in hentai).
And what you’ll find in it? Tentacle rape, anal rape, torture, scat, piss, impaling fucking and some gang rape. “Impaling fucking” is the name I just decided to call when something goes into the ass and gets out through the mouth.
The scat and piss is just pooping and pissing on the floor, no feces eating or piss drinking involved.



(C83) [Homuraya (Homura Subaru)] Homuraya Milk ★ Collection 2 (Various)

Ok, today is a good day. And for that reason I’m making a big release! Yes, it’s almost 100 pages pack of yuri milking! Holy crap! Yes! 100 pages without a real dick! Only big bouncy tits and juicy pussies!
This is a collection of 6 stories by Homuraya that, AFAIK, have been released as stand-alone doujinshis before. You can see the overall cover and the cover for each of the 6 stories. Maybe you can recognize some.
Ok, we have two Touhou doujinshis, one featuring Patchouli and Alice and another featuring Patchouli and a female Imp. Both have milking involved, both have some SM play and both have no penises in it! Just like Touhou doujinshi should be!
We have one Pokemon doujinshi, featuring Touka and Bel (sorry, I don’t know what’s their English equivalent names), also featuring some milking and no penises! Nothing really alternative here.
We have two original stories, one featuring one witch and one lesbian succubus and one featuring a high school girl. The first one contains some machine fuck, milking and some torture and SM play. The second one has a still nameless fetish and solo masturbation, nothing really alternative here.
Lastly, we have a Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei doujinshi, featuring Komori Kiri and Kobushi Abiru. Contains some torture, milking and SM play. Itoshiki Nozomu makes an appearance but has no sexual relation so I’m still considering this one to be yuri.
So, as you can see, there’s a mix of General yuri and Alternative yuri in this release so I’m making this a cross category release.
Some really nice stories in this, really fapable material.
I just don’t see Abiru acting like she’s depicted in there but whatever, still hot and fapable so who cares? The purpose is to make dicks hard and pussies wet so as long as it can do it, everything is fine!
And I’m not even sure I’ve added all tags….gosh, 6 stories. Took me some time to translate all these, you can bet. But the art style made it all worth! That Pokemon doujinshi is awesome!


[Dairiseki-Hakaba] HG-2

New release! A short story by Dairiseki (or Haka-ba). The art and pencil sketch style is really nice in this one. In the end, I prefer this sketchy style more than the full colored ones, they are more charming.
About the story: shy student girl is raped.
Yeah, guess there’s not much to talk about this one. Oh right, the girl is also forced to cosplay, pretty nice. And yeah, that’s it.
Have fun with this!