[NON-H](C80) [Tricolore] 囚われアリスと空人形 ♯0,5 -Dolls heart- (Touhou Project)

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Double non-H release! Another Touhou! Another Shanghai! (Did I mention how I like Shanghai?)

This is a short doujinshi again featuring Shanghai and Alice. Yes, I do enjoy this pair. Tricolore’s art style is not like Sumitan’s, this one tends more to the elegant side instead of the cute side. Pretty good too.

This story features “adult Shanghai”, which makes me wonder whether Alice found out how Marisa’s soup was made. Or maybe it was Marisa herself who found out how to make the soup again, supplying Alice with as much soup as possible, winning her heart in the process and ultimately resulting in them marring and having wonderful twins?

I don’t know, but this do make sense…right?




I know non-h releases aren’t popular around here but hell, I do enjoy me some non-fapping material every once in a while (and it’s great not to have to edit and type moans every two pages). Still, I’ll likely release a fappable material later today.