[Umiko Nami] Oreimo Ero Manga

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New release! Yuri time! With dicks!
Yes, futanari time.
This is another finding from my pixiv lurking session.
This Umiko Nami short Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai doujinshi featuring Kirino and the girl who loves Kirino. Ayane? Ayase. Yeah, I also never watched/read this. But the art is good, the couple is fine and the doujinshi seemed complete. There are no obvious holes between pages and the ending could very well be a doujinshi ending so I figured I’d translate it. Don’t know if this was ever released as a doujinshi, found nothing in my brief research (aka checking in that one doujinshi db). This also means there was no cover for this one either. So yes, that cover you’re seeing there was my own doing, despite the image not really representing the content. But that’s the image provided. Seeing now, I do believe I could have added a few more things here and there but whatever, I don’t want to be having so much fun doing it (yes, it was surprisingly entertaining).

Now, this is just a short story featuring a futanarized Ayase on heat and a helpless handcuffed Kirino. Really, not much to it in terms of story. But the art is nice.

DF: [Umiko Nami] Oreimo Ero Manga [SMDC]
UL: [Umiko Nami] Oreimo Ero Manga [SMDC]

Go check the artist pixiv page, it’s pretty awesome.
Also, if you want/don’t know how to rip pixiv, here’s a pack with all the images from the awesome pixiv page.
DF: Umiko Nami (13133710)