[non-H][Utsura Uraraka] Minna no Takarabako

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DF: [Utsura Uraraka] Minna no Takarabako [SMDC]
JC: [Utsura Uraraka] Minna no Takarabako [SMDC]

Because life is not made only of fapping.
Friday is the day to release non-H doujinshi so here’s one that I’ve been wanting to work on for quite a long time.
This time we have one nice Aria doujinshi. I do love me some slice-of-life and Aria really hit the spot for me, but there seems to be a lack of good Aria doujinshi that also hit the spot. But this one did it quite well!
Obviously this is set in the world of the original anime/manga so there are some terms and names in Italian here and there that I didn’t bother adding an explanation note because I’m considering that those who’ll have any interest in this are those who, like me, are fans of the series and have watched/read at least part of the original and are familiar with such terms.
As for the story, we’re introduced to Ayana, a new character who’s insecure about her ability to become a prima. So she goes after Akari &co. for some tips.
It’s really a doujinshi that captured the atmosphere of the original work. So if you’re an Aria fan, you’ll most likely enjoy this doujinshi.

Oh, and I’ll release another Aria doujinshi next Friday too.