(COMIC1☆9) [Hasuneya (Hasune)] Goshujin-sama ni Oshioki Sarechaimashita

New release! Generic hentai time!
Generic “plot” with generic art, generic character design, generic sex scenes and generic dialogues. In other generic words, just another generic drop in the vast sea of genericallity, and I hope to generate in you a generic reaction with this generic release.

In this we have a generic clumsy maid (either a generic big titted girl wearing a generic bunny ears or a generic humanized bunny, I don’t know) receives a generic punish for her generic clumsyness, making her show how much of a generic sex addict she generically is.
I’d say it’s good enough for a generic fap or schlick. More a generic fap than a generic schlick but who am I to make such generic judgement?

But the scans are big. So I decided to offer two versions again. Same deal as Soushisouai Ane Ecchi 4, lowest possible compression and some compression when saving as .jpg. No dimensional changes.

HQ (~33.5mb):
DF: (COMIC1-9) [Hasuneya (Hasune)] Goshujin-sama ni Oshioki Sarechaimashita[SMDC]
UL: (COMIC1-9) [Hasuneya (Hasune)] Goshujin-sama ni Oshioki Sarechaimashita[SMDC]

LQ (~10mb):
DF: (COMIC1-9) [Hasuneya (Hasune)] Goshujin-sama ni Oshioki Sarechaimashita[SMDC][LQ]
JC: (COMIC1-9) [Hasuneya (Hasune)] Goshujin-sama ni Oshioki Sarechaimashita[SMDC][LQ]

(COMITIA90) [Wild Kingdom (Sensouji Kinoto)] The Hanged Man

(COMITIA90) [Wild Kingdom (Sensouji Kinoto)] The Hanged Man Cover (COMITIA90) [Wild Kingdom (Sensouji Kinoto)] The Hanged Man English Preview by SMDC

New release! Short totally vanilla (but not diabetes inducing) doujinshi by Wild Kingdom.
There’s something we could kind of call a plot in it but nothing really developed or deep so take this just as (another) a nicely drawn hentai doujinshi. And yeah, that’s pretty much what caught my attention and made it totally worth, the art style. Design-wise, I did enjoy both the MC and the FC. The guy is handsome and the girl has an amazing figure so the coupling is really hot (shit, so hot!), but character-wise it was kind of meh. But this is good enough for a one-shot hentai doujinshi (important bold there) apparently with original characters. So fap away to this hot looking couple.

DF: (COMITIA90) [Wild Kingdom (Sensouji Kinoto)] The Hanged Man
JC: (COMITIA90) [Wild Kingdom (Sensouji Kinoto)] The Hanged Man

[Sho chiku bai (Osu Takehiko)] Eria to Gagagigo (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

[Sho chiku bai (Osu Takehiko)] Eria to Gagagigo (Yu-Gi-Oh!) Cover [Sho chiku bai (Osu Takehiko)] Eria to Gagagigo (Yu-Gi-Oh!) Preview by SMDC

Can you feel the heart of the cards?
Me neither.
But Eria can certainly feel Gagagigo’s dick in her pussy. But they’re married and love each other so she loves it. Or so I presume.
And this doujinshi is pretty much that. 90% of pages with sex scenes between Eria, the Water whatever and Gagagigo, the lizard dude. And they’re married.
This is actually plain vanilla action, but it’s vanilla action between a girl and a lizard dude, hence the bestiality tag. So, to alternative it goes.

Anyway, the only thing that was in my mind while reading/translating this was:

Yes, you can thank me later for that.
DL links:
DF: [Sho chiku bai (Osu Takehiko)] Eria to Gagagigo (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
JC: [Sho chiku bai (Osu Takehiko)] Eria to Gagagigo (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

[COMIC Penguin Club 2013-01 Vol.317] – [Tan-ei Shinobu] – Boku no Mama

Time to open the last category missing, “General”. And I’m opening it with a Milf and incest release! Work by Tan-ei Shinobu, it’s a tale about a guy and his mother. Ok, foster mother. So, technically it’s not incest. Or is it? I don’t think so, therefore I’ll drop the incest tag and keep only the Milf one….but hey, the woman is 28 years old! Is that old enough to be considered a milf (m standing for mature)? I mean, really? Good god! Shall I drop the milf tag too? Aaaah! That’s why I hate tagging!
Ok, I don’t know how to tag! Just say in the comments if this should or should not be tagger with “milf” and “incest”, will you?
You can download it right below and read online too, if you want.

Download: Depositfiles