[Non-H][Dokkoi Daikon (Setora)]Suta-Ena-Chan to Isshou

Double release!
A cute non-h doujinshi featuring the Kagamine twins and their alternate twins, Stylish Energy!
Mainly a 4-koma doujinshi with a cute story and a nice art style!
This was scanned and commissioned by NekoAnime15 too!

DF: [Dokkoi Daikon (Setora)]Suta-Ena-Chan to Isshou[SMDC]
UL: [Dokkoi Daikon (Setora)]Suta-Ena-Chan to Isshou[SMDC]

[Rip@Lip (Mizuhara Yuu)] Mikku Miku ni okasarete yanyo (Vocaloid2)

Mikku Miku ni okasarete yanyo (Vocaloid2) cover Mikku Miku ni okasarete yanyo (Vocaloid2) sample

Miku miku ni shite yanyo. Or almost that.
All right, new doujinshi! Singing time! Miku time! Color time! Fuck time! Yes!
Hatsune Miku doujinshi featuring Miku being fucked. Three different costumes, including her original costume! Lots of colors! Dicks! Over hydrated pussy! Redundant microphones! Wow! Everything I ever wanted included in only ONE doujinshi! I must get it NOW!

Ok, enough with the useless merchandising. Colored Hatsune Miku doujinshi. No story, just some random arts with a pseudo story to try to keep the random arts connected with a nexus.
Two options, original and reduced. The reduced I shrinked the image and reduced the quality a little to make it less than 15MB. The original size and quality version have 43MB.

Original quality:

Reduced quality: