[Seibunkaken (Yanagida Fumita)] Iroenose

[Seibunkaken (Yanagida Fumita)] Iroenose Cover [Seibunkaken (Yanagida Fumita)] Iroenose English preview by SMDC [Seibunkaken (Yanagida Fumita)] Iroenose English preview 2 by SMDC

JC: [Seibunkaken (Yanagida Fumita)] Iroenose [SMDC]
UL: [Seibunkaken (Yanagida Fumita)] Iroenose [SMDC]

New release! A general release with some dark setting. But no hardcore action. It’s really a softcore release. No full frontal nudity, all genitalia censored in a way that it looks more like a non-hentai manga that ends up having some genitalia shown sporadically than an actual hentai.
Not much to say about the story. You have a guy and a little girl and this is about how they meet and start living together. Cute? Yeah, because little girls are, in essence, cute creatures. Like puppies are. That’s how nature rolls.