[Non-H](Reitaisai 12) [Ao (Yohane)] Touhou Seichou – Wakuraba Kotoha (Touhou Project)

DF: (Reitaisai 12) [Ao (Yohane)] Touhou Seichou – Wakuraba Kotoha (Touhou Project)[SMDC]
UL: (Reitaisai 12) [Ao (Yohane)] Touhou Seichou – Wakuraba Kotoha (Touhou Project)[SMDC]

Non-h Friday with an amazing Yohane work that comes in two parts! Directly connected with the other Yohane doujinshi I’ve translated, this one follows the misadventures of Sanae and Reimu, with a bit of Marisa involved here and there (a much more mature Marisa, by the way, which is nice to see). Second part we get a glimpse of the future, with pretty much all of the issues I raised when I wrote about that MarixShanghai paring solved. Probably with magic.

From Wagamama Body no Shanghai Ningyou!!

The second bit is as cute as this other Touhou doujinshi. And I can’t help but think about this other doujinshi as being the storyline had the “what if” scenario from the first part actually happened.

Aah…that feel when you know you’ll never have a love life as sweet as these.

[Non-H](Koi no Mahou ha Marisa ni Omakase!5)[Ao] Hoshi Utsuro (Touhou Project)

[Ao] Hoshi Utsuro (Touhou Project) cover [Ao] Hoshi Utsuro (Touhou Project) English preview SMDC

Oh boy, oh boy! Another release!
It’s another non-h to fill the Friday with love and tenderness! And a little bit of melancholy too.

This doushinji caught my attention due to it’s melancholic atmosphere and also because of the hint of discussion about love that is in the story. And because the way Shanghai was portrayed was overly cute, and yet really blunt.

In this story, we have the unlikely pairing of Marisa with Shanghai. And the path to get to this pairing is a tortuous one, which is one of the reasons I believe I see this one as somewhat melancholic. I enjoyed how Shanghai was portrayed, for sure. Not only the art of her, but also her character. Blunt in a way that sounds like would make life and relationship so much easier.

Some may disagree with me here. Maybe some won’t see this a melancholic, or maybe the discussion of love that I found is just a thing from my mind, considering we’re talking about the Touhou universe, but still, those were the reasons why I decided to work on this so I hope you can enjoy this wonderful story.



For those interested, I wrote a text about this release and the discussions that I mentioned.