[Taikuu Works] Mite! Mou, Ninshin Dekirundayo

Ok, today I bring you my first commissioned translation. Thank Gurolover 12 for commissioning this. It’s a huge Yuru Yuri CG set featuring all four main characters pregnant. No real plot or anything, just them pregnant being fucked by an invisible man.
Now, this CG contains the same set of images 8 times. Yes, 8. 4 sets are with text, the other 4 are textless. Among those 4, two have dark nipples and vagina beefs, the other two have light nipples and vagina beefs. And among those two, one has pubic hair and the other doesn’t. Yes, for all tastes (unless you wanted the girls bald too, but that won’t be happening, sorry).
I’m uploading two packs, oneonly with the 4 sets with text and the other pack with all sets (text+textless). Feel free to choose whichever you want.
And the gallery contains only the first set (pubic+dark).

Depositfiles (complete)

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