[Water Drop (ma-sa)] Service Time (Touhou Project)

[Water Drop (ma-sa)] Service Time (Touhou Project) Cover [Water Drop (ma-sa)] Service Time (Touhou Project) English Preview

Still following the yurixtrap release drive, here comes another yuri release. A touhou doujinshi, to be more precise. Reimu and Sanae loving each other, to be even more precise. Actually, this could be classified as Reimu raping Sanae. But since Sanae loves Reimu and deep in her heart she wants to be fucked by Reimu, can we really say that what happened was rape? Hmmmm?

The story is the following: Reimu wakes up with Sanae by her side. Reimu doesn’t remember why Sanae is there and Sanae is quite happy to be there. Sanae, then, goes telling Reimu why she’s there and how it’s actually Reimu’s doing and the story is pretty much just a big flashback of a pretty intense event.

Lots of sweat and other fluids here, just like in any other hentai. That actually makes me wonder how the hell nobody ever dies of dehydration in these stories. I guess the isotonic drink industry is a really wealthy one….



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  1. Did your proofreader go on vacation for this one? Quite a few grammar/spelling errors, and some pretty basic translation errors too (hint: 舐める has multiple definitions, and just because it’s porn doesn’t mean ‘to lick’ is always the right one).

    1. There’s always the “Improve a release” button on the right side of the site. It’s free for anyone to use and I do read the feedbacks. It’s much faster and easier to release a better version if people use that and point out the mistakes than if they just say “there are mistakes” or “this could mean something else”.
      But you’re free to do whatever you want, either give a more specific feedback or just point out that there are problems without specifying it.

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