Welcome to the new SMDC-Translations house!

So I finally decided to leave blogger behind and start a brand new self hosted word press blog. After a long run with blogger, I thought it was about time to move on and start thinking about going to a platform that offered more flexibility.

As you can see, I’ll separate my releases into four main categories, making it easier for you to follow only the releases that interests you the most or, if you’re open minded or wants to be exposed to new content, you have the option of following every release. I’m hoping that all the feeds will work properly.

I believe that the only thing that will be lost in the migration process will be the comments from the pages because it seems that posts and post comments were successfully imported. Well, and the links within the posts (I fixed a few ones, but not all…it’s too much of a hassle).

Lastly, but not least, with this new home I want to bring some new features aboard. I still need to set up a few stuffs, learn to tweak others and fix any holes that may be remaining, but you can expect to see some new stuffs around in the near future.

Well, welcome aboard and enjoy the trip!


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