[ZI0TOPIA] Noroi no Video 1

[ZI0TOPIA] Noroi no Video 1 [ZI0TOPIA] Noroi no Video 1 English Preview by SMDC

Oh, it’s been quite a while since I last enjoyed a doujinshi like this. This one is head to head with that other Pokemon doujinshi I really enjoyed.

This one is also really funny and extremely cute. I mean, really damn cute. There really was no need for the sex scenes, they could have kept if safe for work so the greatness of this work could be spread over even more. Too bad volume 2 doesn’t seem to be available.

Either way, this is a Ring doujinshi. Actually, only the concept itself, because the characters aren’t the same (AFAIK). Instead of Sadako, we have Yukie, the cute little girl who comes out of your TV. So no, this is not a trap nor a futanari doujinshi because Yukie is not Sadako. But she’s as cute. I mean, look at that preview! Don’t you just want to take her home with you? Yes, you do. Even if she weren’t to be your fuck toy, you would.

Anyway, do I need to summarize a Ring doujinshi? Like, there’s this cursed video which a girl comes out of your TV if you watch it, you got that. Let me repeat. A GIRL (with boobs and pussy) comes out of your (presumably a guy, with a dick) TV. And we’re talking about a HENTAI doujinshi. Do I have to say anymore? Download it to check for yourself. Though, I’d stop right after they kiss, the rest is unnecessary.



Obligatory blooper (just a montage using two different pages, not an actual page of the doujinshi, and you’ll understand why this is obligatory after reading it):
[ZI0TOPIA] Noroi no Video 1

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