Is there something wrong with the site (besides being managed by myself)? Did you find a broken link? A DDL link is not working anymore? Want to voice your opinion about how amazingly good/bad the site’s layout is right now?

Here’s the place for you to do so! Leave a comment with your feedback so I can have an idea of how the site is working.

5 Replies to “Feedback”

  1. Are you Shadow_Moon on
    if so you translated some works by Naya(barn).
    I’m interested in getting some more of his/her work translated.
    Are you interested?


    1. You mean this:
      Yes, I did translate this. And another one that I didn’t bother releasing it in this blog due to it’s utter crap editing quality, since it was pretty much my first or second translations.
      Either way, you can leave your suggestion in the suggestion page or, if you want to discuss something in private, just send an e-mail to smdc.translations at gmail.

  2. The Depositfile links for are currently broken. Can they be fixed?

    1. Reuped the regular sized version.
      If you want the resized version, just leave another comment and I’ll reup that too.

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