Time to get this going! Q&A TIME! This page will be updated as long as you leave questions in the comments! Have a question that was not yet answered? Leave in the comments and I may end up answering it!

Q- What is SMDC?
A- SMDC is a project started and managed by one person….me!

Q- Who are you?
A- You can refer to me as SMDC if you want. I do have other nicks elsewhere (shadow_moon on GEH, for instance, but not the only one either) so you can call me however you like (though SMDC is faster).

Q- Where are you from?
A- I don’t think I need to answer this, but just in case you ask this for this reason, neither English nor Japanese are my mother language.

Q- Do you have any previous experience as a translator/editor/typesetter/etc?
A- No.

Q-  What do you use to edit the images?
A- Gimp

Q- Have you ever worked in a group before?
A- No.

Q- Do you want to join our group? We could put your skills to good use!
A- Not really interested, but thank you for the consideration.

Q- How do you choose what you’re going to translate?
A- A few factors are involved, all which are quite subjective. Art style and editing requirements are probably the most relevant ones. These, and the fonts used in the original, are factors that will most likely prevent me from even starting.

Q- Do you have any restriction of genre?
A- I pretty much only avoid yaoi doujinshi where both characters looks masculine. So yeah, I’m fine with anything from vanilla till the most alternative genre, including hard bdsm, traps, gore and whatever else your mind can think of (including a mix of those). My main restrictions are listed in the previous question.

Q- Can/will you translate <insert work here>?
A- Who knows? Leave your suggestion in the Suggestion page and you may see me releasing it!

Q- Someone have already translated <insert work here>! Why are you translating it?
A- I don’t really make a throughout search before picking something to translate and I don’t care much about translating something that someone have already worked on. Sometimes I pick one work without knowing it has been translated already, sometimes I pick one work because the translated version available is not so good (I deem the version to be bad by the number of complains on the work). So, it’s pretty much that.

Q- Great! So, can you re-translate <insert work here>? The translation available is horrible!
A- I sure can, but doesn’t mean that I will. In the end, it just falls back into a previous question.

Q- I found a broken link! HELP ME!
A- I still have most the files so if you come across a broken link, you can either state so in the comments, in the feedback page or send me an e-mail (if you really hate writing a comment). If I still have the file, I’ll reupload it.

Q- Is there anyway we can contact you? I have other questions!
A- If you don’t like leaving a comment or prefer a more private talk, you can shoot an e-mail to smdc.translations at gmail.

Q- What about sharing your releases? Do you have any delay policy?
A- I upload my own releases myself only on e-hentai. I may delay a little but I’ll likely upload there. Releases that I didn’t upload in one week are free to be uploaded there. For other redistribution, if you can wait like one or two days it’ll be fine. If you really can’t wait or just don’t give a damn about this and just want to earn some fucking money (or earn some useless credits on whatever site you use) re-distributing my releases through your own file-locker account (I know most of the big hentai distribution sites does that) then, there’s not much I can do. And obviously, keep the files intact, give proper credit and link back to my blog, that’s all I ask in exchange for you earning something over my labor (like I am with somebody’s else labor).

Q- I am from group <group name> , an English to <random language> translation group and would like to use your translations. Can we?
A- Sure, go ahead. Give proper credit and all is fine.

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