Here’s a place where you can leave your suggestion on what you think should be translated.

Do you know about an awesome doujinshi that nobody seems interested in translating? Do you know about an obscure doujinshi that will certainly receive more light if it was in English? Or even, do you have a doujinshi that you’re simply dying to know what’s actually going on?

Then feel free to leave it here as a translation suggestion! Afraid of suggesting something too strong? Well, check my Q&A pages to see my restrictions about genres.

Just write down as much information you have and hope I decide to pick it up! Leave the name (how it’s mostly known for) and the author/artist name, at least. If you can, point out where I can download it to make my life a little easier.

But be aware that there’s no guarantee I’ll pick your suggestion to translate. If there’re colored redraws to be done, I’ll most likely ignore it. The same goes for handwritten text that is hard to decipher and some bad quality raws.

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  1. will you please consider translating these they are all by the same artist and are full color and about traps.
    group: yuunagi no senryokugai butai
    artist: nagi shi


    1. Same group has also released this one

      1. Seconded for this one

        Amazing full color trap doujin. Best part about it is there’s prostitution in it. I’d love to know whats making this girly boy sell some ass.

  2. can you please do this one? I’ve been waiting a long time for this to be translated. thank you vey much, keep up the good work =D

  3. can you please translate this for me:

    but not the whole thing I just want some parts translated starting from


    the translation will be much appreciated 😀

  4. Recent work by Bobobo

    (Boshi Destiny?) (image 381 to 404)

    (surprised that this has yet to be translated)

  5. Hey there again 😀

    How about a 2 Part by Naya?

    Or some Juugo?

    Or Amua?

  6. Can you guys do this one?

    And this one

  7. Hi there!

    Thank you a lot for having translated [dix-sept] めしませ!にくまん (Meshimase! Nikuman) you’re the first group/person(?) to translate one of their works.

    It would be great if you could translate the three others [dix-sept] doujins on exhentai:

    Thank you in advance.

  8. Hi, thanks for all the translations so far, especially Amanagi Seiji’s manga!

    For my suggestion, might I recommend some Higenamuchi work? It’s a threesome story. I’m hoping you’re familiar with the artist.

    First chapter: [p. 34-53]
    Second chapter: [p. 174-189]

  9. please can you translate okuni yoshinobu’s hokuago tin time?? we need a full h manga with traps!!!


  10. Hello. I was wondering, since you’ve done one of these already, if you could translate these missing three Pokemon doujins by Ukkaridou (Shimazu Isami).

    The second and third are a couple years old now. This is just the kind of thing I’ve been wanting to see for over 10 years. Heh, I can’t be the only one. So these would really be appreciated. A “English names” version like the last one would be cool. Thanks for that as well, that was really great. It really made my day.
    Thank you.

  11. Could you please do this one?

    I’ve been waiting some years for it.

  12. the name of the artist is Skirt Tsuki and he is really very good!
    please,check it out, if you can

  13. Here are some Kanon suggestions. Most of them feature Akiko Minase.

    Scanlate [Tetsumentou] T6 (The Last untranslated Akiko/Sanae doujin)

    Scanlate Haruaki Omakebon Soushuuhen Sonyo 2 (Kanon) Akiko/Sanae/Other

    (C77) [BLUE BLOOD] BLUE BLOOD’S Vol.25 (Kanon) to english

    Kanimisotei] minase-ke {Kanon} {masterbloodfer} into English.

    C:[Kanimisotei] minase-ke {Kanon} {masterbloodfer}001.jpg

    And finally, a rare Akiko/Ayu

    C79) [Kirei na Onee-san (Izumi Yayoi)] Party☆Night Minase-ke Harem End (Kanon)

  14. everything by yuunagi please

  15. Yuunagi no Senryokugai Butai
    :Madamada Ore wa Bitchina Mesushotaerufu to Etchi ga Shitainda!!

    I Want to Have Sex With the Little Elf!! [J] = Yuunagi no Senryokugai Butai

    Tonikaku Ore Wa Otoko No Musume Elf To Ecchi Ga Shitainda [J] = Yuunagi no Senryokugai Butai

  16. In Seishun Nikki 3 you right in the notes at the end that you don’t know what Sai is. Its a piece of art drawing software. Maybe you know by now. Its pretty cheap and nice for drawing,colouring.
    Signed a Sai Artist 😀

  17. [DT Koubou (DAIGO)] S-kke Mama no Kibishii Kozukuri Seikyouiku [Digital]

    Even though I made a bounty for it and want to do the editing, I’m submitting this request to you because you did one of Jinsukeya’s doujins, I assume you don’t mind MILFs. The translators on e-hentai don’t seem to like MILFs very much so I’m not holding my breath on anyone accepting the ‘challenge’ over there.

  18. You gotta translate the new Naya…it’s pretty long but requires pretty much no cleaning/redrawing

  19. Thanks for the great translations that you’ve done! I’ve recently noticed that you’ve done some Danganronpa translations, and was wondering if you’d be interesting in translating this:

    Only the first 5 pages need to be translated since the remaining pages are textless. Here’s a link to download the file so that it’d be even more convenient for you (if you decide to translate it after looking at the gallery):!GNB1nTiI!DZzNGQM752DwQ3cbNqmmhjXknJZkclzxzJHXtzhzeEo

    Thanks again for the support, and don’t feel obligated to translate this request of mine. I hope that you end up liking it and giving it a shot nonetheless 🙂

  20. Can i backlink your site to my site sir ?
    Here is my site:
    I’m also a trap lover like you but more into eroge 🙂

  21. SMDC could you translate these hentai doujins? To be honest, I really want to know what a f@kc is happening in each one:

    1. [AXZ] Angel’s stroke 14 Kuroki Sakura no Mai Chiru Yoru ni
    2. F-54 majutsushi shimai ryou joku – sakura yuki shou -(fate) Takushi Fukada Parapunte
    3. Midare Saki [Saki] [Abarenbow Tengu Izumi Yuujiro]
    4. [アングラヘル (山村なつる)] 乳汁娘 (Dead or Alive)
    5. Azunyan Bero Bero Hon Abarenbow Tengu あずにゃん(をキモデブ達が)ペロペロする本

    All of them exist in here ( but if you want a download link, I can provide it to you

    1. I think that doujins are good enought to deserve an English translation
      these are also really good:
      [まるまるアルマジロー] DOA DOA HARD CORE (DEAD OR ALIVE)
      [Pyramid House] Moumoku Rape (Magic Knight Rayearth)
      [AXZ] Angel’s stroke 14 Kuroki Sakura no Mai Chiru Yoru ni
      (SC59) [Cannabis (Shimaji)] HameLive! (LoveLive!)

  22. [全裸QQ] 男子便所にみせられて

    trap and colored maybe a lot of people would like this =]


    Not sure if I ever suggest this, but I’d like to see more of this person’s work translated.

  24. can you do this one?
    thanks (this one have bounty)

  25. Hi again. First of all, thanks again for having translated the [dix-sept] doujins I linked last time.

    I’ve spent quite some time browsing exhentai since then, but of all the new doujins I’ve seen, this one really caught my heart.
    From [Ikuya Daikokudou], a manga called “CROSS×DRESS Afters”, featuring otokonoko(trap), futanari, incest (from what I understood), and most important of all, happiness.

    It’s quite the manga and I don’t expect you to release all chapters any time soon, but from what you’ve been translating I think that one should suit your tastes.

    This story felt touching even though I didn’t quite understood everything. I’d like it if you could give it a read and tell me what you think of it.

  26. There are not much Date A Live’s doujins in english. So could you guys consider this ?
    Thanks for all the translations!

  27. PLEASE SCANLATE Any one of these.

    And thanks for Blue Bloods 24

    [Kanimisotei] minase-ke {Kanon} {masterbloodfer}

    Haruaki Omakebon Soushuuhen Sonyo 2 (Kanon)

    (C80) [Kirei na Oneesan (Izumi Yayoi)] Moshiaki Moshi Akiko-san ga Yuuichi no Ka

    (C68) [Oiwaidou (Iwasaki Tatsuya)] Kaze Kaguwasa Ntoha Kekkon Wo Zentei

    Tetsumentou] T6

    [G-Power] You Are The Only (Kanon)

    (C77) [BLUE BLOOD] BLUE BLOOD’S Vol.25 (Kanon)

    (COMIC1☆6) [BLUE BLOOD] BLUE BLOOD’S vol.29 (Kanon)

    (C79) [Kirei na Onee-san (Izumi Yayoi)] Party☆Night Minase-ke Harem End (Kanon)

    (C62) [G-Power! (SASAYUKi)] You Are The Only Version: Kanon Part 2

  28. would you translate
    I know its an old one but I dont see ANY translation of chikashi masashi and love to have this one translated

  29. If you translate this:

    I’ll edit it. (I already asked =SW= today so… let me know if you’re interested)

  30. Think you can do the translation for both Hyperdimension Neptunia doujins?

  31. To start this, thank you for translating the two previous bondage works by [JORDI]! They recently (kind of) put out another work that is similar to the first one. It kind of looks like more of the same, but either way I would appreciate it if it gets translated as well.

    無題 | じょるでぃ [pixiv]

    You guys seem to have a lot on your plate, but thank you for your time!

  32. Would you like to translate Mokkouyou Bond works:

  33. [Sanbun Kyoden] Fuyu no Ajisai Epilogue

    [Shiawase Pullin Dou (Ninroku)] Package Meat 4.5 (Queen’s Blade)

    Please. _(. .)_
    I’m asking around so if you decide to do one let me know.

  34. Please do this two, both are one of the best traps work out there.

  35. Thank you for translating [Naya] Miko Kankin Goumon. It was interesting.
    Can you please translate this one which is form the same author
    Again thank you and keep up the good work.

  36. Hey there. Someone decensored Katou Jun’s most recent trap work from Koushoku Shounen Vol. 02.
    This person posted at LWB asking for it to be translated awhile ago, but it doesn’t seem like anyone has.
    If you would, could you please translate it
    Censored version: ( )
    Link to uncensored version: ( )

  37. I would be interested in seeing “PM3:12 no Reizouko” by Shimimaru translated if it is worth your time. If not, thank you for your past translation of Junk Land (one of my favorites of all time).

  38. Would you be opposed to doing translations of works on Danbooru? They’d be far, far easier than normal scanlations, since you can just literally drop a translation note on the original Japanese work.

    In particular, this one:

  39. Would you consider translating this one from Sengoku-kun. One of my favorites, it appears to have some story to it, but it is older and seems unnoticed, which is a pity

  40. excuse me, can you translate more of “tales of grace” series :3
    (C84) [Kurimomo (Tsukako)] Gakuen summer (Tales of Graces)

    im a big fan of tsukako artworks XD

    thank you

  41. Would you give a try at this one, please ? It’s by Kuroji, you already translated one of their work !

  42. I’d be really grateful if you translated these two:
    And I ‘m sure I wouldn’t be the only one.

  43. This is the sequel to the other 2 that you did
    Just letting you know, lemme know if i can help. (clean/type)

  44. Do you think you could do this one, its from Fruitsjam:

    Also, if possible could you also translate this one as well, however its in chinese and i’m not sure when a japanese one will be available, also the artist for it is Yuuki Homura,

  45. Part two of the Dozamura trap doujin you translated a while back is out. Please do this one too. _(. .)_

  46. Hi! thank you for your work so far.
    I’d like to suggest:
    DOZA Village (Dozamura) – Hamabe de Hirotta Shounen to Shoujo wo Make Love sasete mita (

  47. Another of Homura Subaru’s work is up, could you please consider translating it? The japanese original is here:

    But the pages are out of order so you can go here:
    to get the right order but it’s Chinese so only use it for page order if you do consider to take it up. 🙂

  48. Thanks again for all your hard work on the translations.

    I would like you to translate Amano Taiki’s last work: Takanashi Nyuugyou if you decide to look into it. It’s surely one that many are waiting for!

    Link to the Gallery:
    Download Link (Provided For Your Convenience):!FZcBSZKL!YZHjUxIcK78McrVIhJlJjO0xeU9HGlpjBgqlRBreO7I

    Possible problems I see in the work is that there are color pages (only 1 with text that requires editing) and that it in general, has quite a bit of text (about 30 pages compared to the average 20). Of course, you don’t have to translate it if uninterested or requires too much work especially since you’ve done lots of charity for us already, but here is a suggestion from myself and many others! Thanks for reading and for the past work you’ve done for us!

  49. I was wondering if you can translate ‘Soushisouai Ane Ecchi 3’.
    This is one of the links:

    I loved your work on the other two books. It was translated really well and the colour of the text stand out nicely. It’s on my favourites list to read every now and then.

  50. [Yadokugaeru (Locon)] Student Dorm #207

    New Locon. Sadpanda not work for me, so if you need an archive download link, just reply here and I upload to desired hosting.

  51. I would donate some $ if you could translate and edit this one into English

    May as well continue translating Nanaroba Hana, right?

    Digging that generic wincest plot with generic moe art.

  53. Thx for your work. I’d love to see this doujin translated. It’s a forced feminisation story.

    [B Kaiman] Kyousei Shemale Seiniku Kankin

    Thank you for your time.

  54. Could you translate a chapter from Imako System (, the one which begins on page 7 ( and ends on page 32 ( It’s the only one untranslated from that tankoubon.

  55. hi there SDMC 😀
    would you like to translate Kiduki Erika-sensei artwork >< (the one who make RO fanart "dialy RO" )
    (C85) [Ryuknigthia (Kiduki Erika)] Hantakko 8 (Monster Hunter) – (C85) [リュナイティア (季月えりか)] はんたっこ8 (モンスターハンター)
    and some tsukako-sensei artwork 😀
    (Mimiket 30) [Kurimomo (Tsukako)] Horoyoi Rabbit (Nagi no Asukara)
    i appreciate your hard work :3 and thank you XD

  56. The followups of じょるでぃ works you have done in the past:

    宵山 –
    露出姫の必然的窮地(前) –


    Two chapters were translated (p.68 to p.107) by Not4dawgz, but the rest is untranslated.

  58. Hi, i am new here. would you mind translating some pixiv comice for me. They are my favirote couple and no one is translating it. the art is good. nd i just would like to enjoy my pairing.

    ベルユミでライクリなエロ漫画 | スウ [pixiv]

    いいこはもういない | スウ [pixiv]

  59. I found the raws of volume 2 of “Bitch na Shimai ga Otouto no Niku Dorei ni Ochiru Made” in nhentai. here . Hope you will translate this.

  60. Would you mind translating this . the title is Seitenkango, Shinyuu to ~Aibou Hen~ by Eroe. If possible also this . Thx.

  61. –
    It would be great if you could translate this.

  62. Hello,
    Would you mind translating this?
    Soushisouai Ane Ecchi 4. The Japanese translation is out now.
    I love your other works in translating this series as well.

  63. How about a shirt like the one in being for sale in support of your group? I would (probably) buy one..

  64. Do u not consider translating rebirth’s work and mumu’s work?
    (mostly hair thing)
    I hv many from their work that I bought before..
    If you’rr going to translate them, I’m gonna share it with you…
    Becoz I don’t understand jp

  65. Can you translated them?

  66. More Persona 3 Stuff to be translated.

    P3P doujinshi need to be translated please!
    They need to be translated!
    Can you also translate this as well?
    Please Translated!

    Can you translated them?

  67. can you or your group upload scans of these doujinshi and hcg rip of these doujinshi games? i do not know what groups are still active or is able to do this. the stuff i am asking about :
    [edited out]
    the doujinshi and doujin games in these links are the ones i am asking about. i am unable to play doujin games or rip game hcg and i am not able to get the doujin book from japan because no shopping site shipps out of japan that i can find and i can not use middle man shopping service to get these doujinshi as i do not understand how that works or have enough info to that being a option. i really badly want to see raw ” japanese” and english translations of these digital doujin and the doujin game hcg! please help…..

    1. DLSite sells mainly digital products so as long as you have a working CC you shouldn’t have any problems buying there. There’s no need of a middleman for digital goods.
      I only buy the ones that looks interesting to me (like the ones I’ve translated).
      Ripping a game CG really depends on which engine the game was made so it’s a case by case situation. RPG Maker and Wolf RPG made games are easily extractable and the tools are easily available. Since these are the games I mostly find myself playing, these are the only ones I bothered looking closer.
      As for scanning, I don’t do because I don’t have a decent scanner and I don’t really know how to make a good scan (neither scan setting nor unbinding techniques).
      For deputy services, shouldn’t be hard to use. You either have the deputy buy the stuff you want for you and they send it to you or you buy the stuff yourself and have it sent to the deputy’s address and then they send it to you. Just need to pay attention to their fees.

  68. This world need more good quality rape Fate Sakura doujin !!

    or this one

    Working! yamada doujin by petenshi,more yamada is always welcome

  69. Hey SMDC,

    I would like to suggest to you this title: Bakunyuu Tsundere Imouto to Mechakucha SEX Shitai Hon.
    This looks like a really well drawn manga and with your translations, this will make it even better. For some reason I have taken a liking to your works.

    Also, good work translating these other titles even though it takes up a lot of your time.

    Touhou stuff
    It from Pixiv

    1. I’d like to add 3 things.
      1-)You can format your comment using html code. So if you want to break lines, type “br” between “”
      2-)Try to keep all of your comments together instead of posting 5 separated comments.
      3-)Suggesting me to buy a physical book to translate is pointless because I don’t have a good scanner nor know-how on how to scan. I could buy to keep it for myself, though.


  72. Hello, thank for the translation,
    Can you translate this H-doujin?
    Chuunen Oyaji ga Futari no Bitch to Sex Suru Hanashi.
    Artist: Nabe
    I hope for your answer…

  73. I want to begin by saying Thank You so much. I really do appreciate the work you do. I have to sugestions for translation. They are both by Nezu Meter. The first is called “Petit-Scat 13” ( and the second is the prequel “Petit-Scat 11” (

    Thank you for translating the vanilla, the bizarre, and everything in between.

  74. Hello again,

    I have another suggestion for translation. The title is called “Kono Kusottare no Mesubuta-domo yo” by Kikuichi Monji ( Is it possible for you to translate this (and my previous suggestion) into English? I hope I am not asking beyond what can be done since you are a very busy person.

    Thank You and much appreciation.

  75. Hi, I loved your translations on shiina nami’s doujins.
    Would you translate un-translated version of Haisetsu Shoujo?(ex. Haisetsu Shoujo 4,5,7…etc)
    Thank you.

  76. Hey there, thanks so much for your work. My suggestions are two works by Arsenal (I believe you’ve done some of their works in the past). Sexaroid Girl ( and Kururukontorakuto! 2nd Stage – Saido Jemini ( Released in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

    Each of them have gone without translation (especially pertinent in the case of Kururukontorakuto, as it is the sequel to Devil Cherry Pie ( which has already been translated since long ago. It would be amazing if you took the time to translate the two. Thanks so much.

  77. Hi I really like your work. My suggestion is this
    Evangelion with lolis!
    and this
    Another euphoria´s doujinshis

  78. My suggestion is, Watashi-tachi no Hiridasu Kairaku by Shiina Nami, or his other untranslated work ( or

  79. Hello again,

    I found this doujin done by Naba called “Tou-san Mago no Kao ga Mita Itte Itta yo ne?” and it was previously translated. However, the translation skips a over 30 pages. Here is the link for it:

    Thank You

  80. Please could you translate any of these , nobody seems to care……

    Big thanks in advance

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